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1.5 MG LSD 1500UG! Amazing!!

Most intense beautiful trip of my life

This is a detailed trip report of the time I took 15 tabs of some 100ug LSD. I have taken LSD several hundred times in my life and at higher doses but this trip was very unique and it had some absolutely life changing mouments.
Roughly 1 hour after taking all 15 tabs the begining effects started to set in. Colors were bright and a little euphoria started to kick in.
The 2 hour mark tho this is when things get a little crazy. Everything I looked at I could see each molecule of every partical of everything, looking at the walls I could see these tiny dots and they were all connected together. EVERYTHING came to life and EVERYTHING looked beautiful. The best way to describe the 2nd hour mark visuals would be saying that every molucule of everything was visible. The colors were so amazing and the most beautiful geometric patterns begin to form. 
The 3 hour mark tho this is the mental part of the trip. It was time for me to walk home and it was evening time and I was living in town and had to walk past the park. I could see in the corner of my eyes 2 ways that a unique "portals" that went from reality to the disconnection of reality. Thats the best way I can describe the visual it resembeled a "Teleporter" and I saw these things at the corner of my vision, Sorry if that doesnt make sence but thats the best way I can describe it. Anyway I made it home and by that time i was absolutely just blasted from it. I layed back in bed and listened to pink floyd and the beatles for the next several hours. At 1 point of listening to the music I was thinking, I thought "Theres ailens watching me and they know I know their secrets so they are going to decode my brain so I forget their secrets" Lol I know it sounds goofy but I was really using my imagination and it really felt real like I seriously thought that was happening.
At this point of the trip I have forgotten how long its been and I lost track of alot of things because my imagination was running wild. I seen in my closed eyes the way people make love and the creation of life and it was beautiful to see. I felt so many strange emotions and while listening to pink floyd and the beatles the only thing I could say or think is WOW THIS MUSIC IS SO GOOD. Like woah that music just blew my mind. Anyway heres my summary of the trip:
Beautiful colors and tons of euphoria,
Wild imagination in use so lots of unique thoughts and visuals,
Seeing the creation of life in a new prespective,
Oh i forgot to mention somthing else in this trip, Well I was sitting down listening to "come together" from the beatles and I was thinking mabey us as people are all the same then my imagination went wild and i could see that me and everybody else were not people, we are energy. Life is energy. 
Anyways that about sums it up for my whole experience and to me it was a beautiful thing but i wouldnt reccomend taking that much to just anybody because that high of a dose can really scare someone but I had an amazing time. Hope you all enjoy the report and if u have experienced anything simular please let me know. LSD is beautiful, be safe and have a great time everyone  PEACE 

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