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My first LSD trip

My first trip story

This is a story, Im not sure if its the right place to put it i'm new to the forums and this is my first post.

So this all starts off with me having no clue what tripping is and what acid did. i always thought tripping was just visuals and no body high and boy was i wrong. I buy acid off a dealer which i was accustomed to buying other substances. I take the tabs after getting home and this is where the it all starts, about 40 min after taking the tabs i start giggling and i cant stop smiling i look in the mirror and my eyes looked so fucked. About 30min later the euphoria starts and it doesnt stop it felt like adderall and i was so happy nothing could stop me. I start seeing little tracers and color enchancement. the visuals were not as strong because i only took 2 tabs of weak acid. I start coming down and i still have a tab left, I had no clue about redosing acid and tolerance so i take it before getting in  bed to just roll around and watch youtube all night but it becomes a nightmare. I start tripping thinking mexicans are cutting the grass in my backyard it was buzzing like a bees nest. Then i was having thought loops about shaking this guys hand over and over again but before i shaked his hand he would distract me i cant explain what i mean but hopefully one day i can describe it. I start going crazy i have to wake up at 6am the next morning. I dont get any sleep and i become a zombie litteraly so tired i wanted to die. I was so retarded i felt like i was on xanax, my friends were asking me questions and i had no idea what was happening. I was really lost, a few days after im still fucked but it gets better over time just to try it again a week later. I became facisnated with tripping i was tripping every week and found out about other substances like dxm and lsa. every trip is now like starting over and becoming a better person. So ya thats my first trip and a little introduction to how i found out about psychodelics. (Not native english speaker so excuse the typos)

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