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Blue Ridge Parkway

It was October 2005, and two friends and I had collected a myriad of hallucinogenics to experiment with on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

It was October 2005, and two friends and I had collected a myriad of hallucinogenics to experiment with on the Blue Ridge Parkway. My friend L had acid, A had mescaline, and I had 1/8th of psilocybe shrooms. As we were driving from my house, they took their stuff, and when we reached the peak of the parkway trying to get away from the Sunday afternoon families, I popped about four shrooms (my guess is at 1.5-1.75g). When we reached our destination about 15 minutes later, I had begun to feel a heaviness in my body but no other effects, so we sat in the car and I popped another .5g (keep in mind I'm a lightweight with shrooms, and this was my first time). I remember us getting out of the car and trying to set a blanket on the ground, but it was windy and cold so we went a little ways into the woods and set the blanket down there. That's when it hit hard. I felt really shaky internally, and I saw an ant and began making up a life story for it. I also remember some trees at the edge of a cliff, telling me inside my own mind to come play with them..then I asked L, "the trees want me to play with them, what should I do?" She responded, "Are they good trees or bad trees?" I realized since they were at the edge of a cliff, they were probably bad, but regardless, the trees communicated with me and wanted me to die.
We went back to the car and listened to Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, etc. for a few HOURS, and since it was fairly early in the day (11am), the after church crowd was heading up and starting to trip us out. So we decided to go to the Botanical Gardens for some more privacy, when I realized my battery had farted because I left my parking lights on. So it was my job to go out and ask this guy to give me a jump. It actually wasn't as bad as you'd think, he was nice and even though I was shaky I managed to pop the hood and get the car re-started. The only strange thing I did was after he drove away, I screamed "YOU'RE SO NICE!!!!!!"
The visuals and sensations were coming in waves, each slightly more different than the other. After dealing with a neurotic L when she lost her car keys, going into our University Dining Hall to buy some heinous chocolate cookies, and me completely flipping out over everyone getting on their cell phones, we set ourselves up for the comedown on a lookout over the city. How I drove on shrooms I don't even know, but I remember having a friend of mine pop into my head every time I saw the signs for I-26, and the phrase 'styx 'n children' coming out of my mouth every time I said something. But the cell phones really did freak me out. I was in the fetal position in the front drivers seat of my car telling everyone to be quiet or I wasn't driving anymore.
Well, after some tears, another 2g of shrooms, a few bowls, and watching the sun set over Asheville, we notice a car pulling into the lookout. Lo and behold, it's the police. He pulls up to my window, asks what we're up to. Asks if we've been drinking. Somehow, by some force of nature, he believed me when I said we were talking before classes (L had obviously been crying, and A had her face buried in a stuffed animal), and after re-starting my car we sailed down the hill...I demanded total silence until we were back on campus, but as soon as we were, we celebrated with more weed and a great story to tell.
The last bits of tripping were in my dorm room, where I got the biggest kick out of cleaning the toilet, and could have sworn that my friend M had shaved off his goatee (he did not). Sleeping was interrupted, since I kept wanting to get up and go do stuff, but eventually I did get to sleep, and the next day I got to watch a film about Islamic mosaics and frescos on Roman walls.

Overall, I'd say it was a good experience, but it would have been better if all of us were on the same drug (music tastes varied a lot - I wanted me some techno), and that unless you're listening to music or actually in conversation, quietness is really really important.

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