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Blizzards and Trolls


Okay... it was my first time tripping. I received some dried shrooms from a friend in the middle of the week, and after reading some of the trip reports already in this archive, I decided it would be really fun to trip at a school function. December the 9th, 1998, I left the normal drudgery of final period in a state of excitement. I had never dried shrooms before and couldn't wait to see what it was like. Later that evening, there was going to be a choir/orchestra concert that I didn't want to go to ( my girlfriend was forcing me to go), and I thought I'd make it interesting. It was snowing extremely hard that day, and I didn't want to drive on the influence of shrooms AND icy roads, so I walked the mile to the high school while munching down on my bag of shrooms. I got there early and was waiting to start feeling the effects. I met up with some friends who were wandering the halls ( they were slugging down a bottle of gatorade, well, actually 1/4th gatorade, 3/4th's vodka). I told them what I had done, and I started laughing incredibly hard. I couldn't stop! Then, when people would stare at me for laughing, I would get extremely anxious and nervous, and I would start laughing again. I thought that it was cool, feeling so happy and euphoric, etc..., but I really wanted to start seeing things. Pretty soon I did. My friends and I went outside ( my girlfriend, by the way, was in warm-up for the concert and had no idea what was going on). They lit up a joint and we were just sitting there in the cold, laughing and enjoying life, when we hear footsteps approaching from around the side of the school. We ditched the joint, and ran inside. By then I was extremely paranoid, and I thought that everyone I saw knew exactly what I had done. I freaked out and ran through the halls trying to find a way out. By then, all my logic was gone and I was really feeling the shrooms, so I got lost in the twisting, turning hall ways. As I was running, it felt like the whole building was twisting and bending, breathing, actually. Suddenly, everything in my conciousness condensed and spiraled down into one point in my vision and I found myself outside, standing in the snow again. I looked back at the school to see if I had actually just come from there, and I saw that my tracks in the snow were going everywhich way. In some parts, it appeared that I had been running in circles. I didn't really want to go back inside, so I started walking. This was really strange, 'cause every step I took was like walking on a trampoline, and I heard these weird computer-synthesizer kinda noises. There was a nature tail right by the school, and I had this idea in my head that I had to go on a magical journey to find something. Of course, I had no idea where I was going or what I was looking for, but it all made sense somehow. As I walked along, the trees morphed into trolls and they just stared at me as I bounced along my way. ! I found myself staring at them, saying weird crap like "I understand your pain, tree brother"... really psycho shit. I stopped at some building off the path and had a smoke. This was awesome! The smoke coming out of my mouth actually looked and felt like cotton candy. I tried to grab it, but failed. I continued on my journey. Now the path I had taken leads far away from my house, in the other direction in fact. But sure enough, after 3 hours in the snow, talking to trees and snowflakes, I was standing in front of my house. I am still completely baffled as to how that happened, but I'll find that out the next time I trip :-) I went inside and spent the next 2 hours watching the little worms crawling all over the wallpaper and floor. I slowly came down, listening to Crystal Method. It was the coolest, weirdest thing that's ever happened.

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