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Bliss:Another View

On a beautiful, perfect day with my three best friends we gathered at my house to consume around 8ish grams of shrooms.

On a beautiful, perfect day with my three best friends we gathered at my house to consume around 8ish grams of shrooms. I had been waiting for my friends to arrive around 10am and decided what the hell - I'll take mine now. About 20 min later everyone arrives and I am just starting to feel the effects. During a game of "Golden Eye" I suddenly realized that I could no longer control my finger movements, I wanted to tell my friends (who were waiting for theirs to kick in) but the words were lost in my mouth... The game was changed to "Wipeout" which if any of you have played has a crazy plasma menu which was left on. I couldn't look away, the blue colours danced and shifted to the music (electronica) and then I realized it was no longer the game, but the world. The plasma was no longer restricted to the TV, it spread across the walls, the carpet, it wanted to play with me! Then to my delight the ceiling joined the party, displaying the most beautiful white lace designs that morphed to green and red drips that fell to my face, then returned upwards. At that point my friends were trying to talk to me, but I didn't want to move, the ceiling was, and still is the most fantastic thing that I have seen, I didn't want to look away for fear that it would stop. Finally I decided that I couldn't ignore them, I was able to talk, but in only a whisper and the words weren't my thoughts. I was trapped in my body, like a little person controlling a robot, yet I didn't have the hang of it yet. I could not control the left side of my body!
I again became aware of my friends, M gave me a vitamin C and then at once I realized that I could control everything, me, the room, the world. The person in the robot could rotate the pill, and the world would obey and rotate to. I saw how one individual could be connected to the universe, I felt strong.
Everything that I saw of felt had so mush pleasure for me. Watching, M feel cold and find 4 pairs of socks to wear, J melt into puddles and D's face morph into an orange frog was so funny, everything was funny. At one point I became hungry, and M, the "Convenience Man" found a chocolate bar next to him, then when sitting upstairs I was thirsty and again M notice that there was a bottle of water right next to him. (you can see how he got the title!)
About 4 hours had passed and I again became entranced with the ceiling, it flowed like water towards the bathroom… I decided that it must be a sign… so I went. Inside I saw my blond hair melt into the walls, they were all yellow! I reported my finding to M, who agreed that my white bathroom was now yellow. It was nuts.
I suddenly had a moment of clarity, there was M standing in my hall, wearing 8 socks only half on, holding an ceramic orange frog in one hand and a big glass of dirty snow and juice in the other, tears streaming down his face. Around the room was so much Kleenex, random toys, and my sprawled friends… we looked ridiculous… It was about time for my family to come home, so we thought that we would try to put the house back together. For this logic it was decide that we needed to vacuum D, during which my sister walked in and didn't think that anything was wrong!!
As this happy trip wound down we lay on my carpet in the sun listening to Halcyon +on +on talking about how great friends are, how happy and colourful my house is then M declared this to be the best day of his life, we agreed, and wanted to take us all out for dinner – so we went. The End.
SM with MK,JL,DK the best possible friends.

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