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Bliss&the Cat Effect

Convenience, Bliss and the Cat Effect Positivity is always brought out for me whenever I have a mushroom trip, and this time (my second trip) was definitely not an exeption.

Convenience, Bliss and the Cat Effect

Positivity is always brought out for me whenever I have a mushroom trip, and this time (my second trip) was definitely not an exeption. In fact, the happiness level was almost ridiculous at times.

I was 19 and the scene was march break '99. Finally after many weeks, my friend S had an empty house for a day. I had about 8 grams of VERY potent mushrooms. It was only logical to bring these two things together as well as get J and D involved. We are all very close friends and we were looking forward to this.

D and I came over with a nice stereo and many nice CDs at about 10am and J showed up soon afterwards. The scene was set.

S took the shrooms before any of us cause she had to be coherent at dinner time when her mom came home, so she started tripping before all of us. She had about 1.5 grams and was cracking up and telling me about how the whole room would spin according to how she turned the Vitamin C in her fingers. This made me happy, for I had just taken 2 grams a few minutes back along with J and D :)

We were all sitting around in the living room now all getting higher and higher as we spoke. I felt really cold and nauseous for about 5 mins, which was the only bad part of my whole trip. The sun was shinning in to the brightly coloured room and Cornershop was playing on the stereo (the ultimate band to trip to in my opinion) D (a guy)decided to go have a shower up stairs and me (a guy) and S and J (both girls) stayed down stairs. As soon as D, left, the whole room started to turn very feminine. It was quite odd and funny. Flower patterns started to form everywhere, everything had a new hue of pink to it. I thought it was very amusing, it was as though D had taken the masculine part of the room upstairs with him. I was sitting in an odd position talking, when J asked me if I was comfortable like that. I told her yeah, of course. Then S questioned me further about it until I realized what kind of position I really was in, and finally admitted that I was not at all comfortable We all found this to be extremely funny. I was crying I was so happy . When I looked around again after a while, I found that everything had gone from feminine to simply happy with stars everywhere looking. S came back from the washroom and was claiming that her bleached hair had turned the bathroom yellow form white. Of course I had an excellent laughing session, but she was quite serious, so I decided to go check it out, since I had to get Kleenex for myself anyway. When I got there the walls truly were yellow as I saw it( they really aren't), and I yelled out in agreement. The whole bathroom actually had a desert theme (again, not really) and everything looked cartoonish. When I went to blow my nose my hand seemed like they were made of goo and were sticking together and then when I pulled them apart strands of goo seemed to appear. Very odd sensation, I was slowly melting, I didn't freak out at all, I thought it was very interesting, for I had never started to melt before. When I came back, S was saying that she had melted into the couch and was laughing at how I looked: I had Kleenexes coming out of all my pockets and I had 4 pairs of socks half on so they were floppy (my feet got really cold when I was feeling cold at the start). The whole room was waving around like gentle water, with a baby blue colour while we talked some more. The most interesting hallucination I found to be the rug. It looked as though it was made of really small 3 dimensional purple stars, I felt kind of bad for stepping on them. When I went to go get some water for S, the kitchen was a marvel. There was a bright orange frog (for real) that I really liked, and decided to bring it around with me the rest of the afternoon. The water I poured looked digital (?) and everything though the kitchen window looked cartoon like, it was all waving around to the Marley tunes in the other room.
When I came back and had a seat was when my most intese part of the trip was. Things were really starting to morph now with birght pulasting colours and stars everywhere. Time slowed down a bit and all I could see was happiness. If I kept my eyes open, things would morph slowly, and if I closed them, things would morph twice as fast. It was as though I was controlling time with my eyes. I didn't understand too much of what J and S were talking about, but I wsa totally fin with that. I noticed that I saw trails behind everything that moved. I was seeing morphing and this new effect that I've never seen at the same time.

Finally we decided to go check on D upstairs in the shower. We went up the stairs acting like little kids and sat down in front of the door to the bathroom and shouted at D to get out. S was having crazy hallucinations of the ceiling, the rug still fascinated me with the stars and all, and J was just laughing the whole time. We found lots of little things to do while we waited including playing with the orange frog. As a matter of fact all the colours upstairs were truly bight and happy: purple rooms, pink ones, bright yellow, it was like a designer house for tripping. At last D came out, with a big smile on his face. He had been swimming with the fish on the shower curtains the whole time and loved it. We went back downstairs, popped in some Cornershop and played some racing game on Sega Saturn. We all really sucked at it (go figure). I got bored of it and went out to the front door to see the outside. I was very cartoony as I expected, and as l looked around I decided I need some snow. I ended up coming back inside and somehow making a slushy form snow and strong bright red juice. It was good :)

Time really was going by very slow on the clowny looking clock on the wall, it wasn't even 3 in the afternoon yet (we dosed a bit after 12 noon). We ended up talking for a while about funny shit and having a great time. Everything was always insanely convenient. For instance I was thirsty and out of nowhere there was a drink sitting right beside me that no one had ever noticed. If anything needed to be fetched, I would always go get it because I felt nice and active as opposed to everyone else. I was called " The Convenience Man." It was quite amusing.

I'm not exactly sure how, but me J and S noticed that D was kind of dirty from laying on the carpet and ended up vacuuming him. That was very fun. This is the exactly moment that S's sister came home. The funny thing is that it would be something that we might do anyway and she just accepted it. We were all in a coherent state by now, so it was all cool. S's sister went downstairs and all four of us decided to just lay in the sun bathed dinning room with an Orbital CD playing in the background. I never felt so content in my life; I felt like a fat fuzzy cat with no worries. While we were in the sun laying for about half an hour, we made plans to go out and eat at pizza hut for dinner, which we ended up doing later on.
This trip overall was just complete satisfaction, convenience and laugher. We all felt like little kids running about. It is surly my most happy and favorite trip ever….

- ski


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