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Advertise With Us!

Becoming a Shroomery Sponsor, improving your pagerank and promoting your business in our active community of psychedelic enthusiasts.

Advertise on The Shroomery today!

Advertising on The Shroomery offers your business a highly lucrative opportunity to reach a targeted niche market - the mycological hobbyist's community.  We thoroughly vet all of our sponsors to ensure a reliable level of product quality and service.  This in turn fosters a level of customer loyalty not available through traditional advertising means.  Your ad will be displayed atop our entire static information encyclopedia in addition to every page within our dynamic community of over 150,000 registered members.  Our Sponsor's and Marketplace forums provide excellent avenues to promote and market your new product arrivals, specials, hold contests and giveaways, and engage our membership by personally integrating your business within our active community of enthusiasts.

We have thousands of our pages indexed on prime search engines such as Google, including top page rankings on targeted terms such as "magic mushroom information".  Receiving over one million unique visitors every month and serving hundreds of thousands of pages daily, our community is both focused and diverse, engaged in our core subject matter of mushrooms, psychedelics and the counterculture, while also providing a venue for the discussion of ancillary topics such as gardening, cooking, philosophy, politics, media, sports, science and technology.  There is a reason why the majority of our sponsors have continued to advertise with us for years, and that is because we offer a unique, targeted and personally tailored promotional service designed to help your business succeed.

Questions, comments, ready to sign up? We are waiting to hear from you!

Advertising packages start at $200 monthly. New advertisers must submit a $50 nonrefundable deposit with their company information to begin the application process.  Application review will take 30-60 days before being approved or denied.  Upon approval, your $50 deposit will be credited toward your first month's dues.  Discounts available for advance payment of six or twelve month periods, minimum one month prepaid commitment.  We reserve the right to cancel your advertisement at any time.  If we cancel your advertisement before your paid period has expired, we will process a prorated refund for the unused portion of your paid advertisement period.
Included in all Advertising Packages
  • 468 x 60 pixel banner ad (max. 150kb, GIF or JPG format)
  • Community advertising privilege and consultation
  • Listing on approved sponsors page
  • Private forum for vendor & administrative discussion/collaboration
  • Zone targeting, to weight your ad probability in specific zones
  • Impression and Click statistics
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Classified Ads
We also offer classified ads for users who are looking for a less expensive advertising option. Please visit our store for more information.

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