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:::This is a long report, but please do me the pleasure of reading it::: After quite a few weeks of reading about various trip reports on a few different websites, I decided one warm summer day after exams just finished to experiment with shrooms.

:::This is a long report, but please do me the pleasure of reading it:::

After quite a few weeks of reading about various trip reports on a few different websites, I decided one warm summer day after exams just finished to experiment with shrooms.

Before I get into the details of my trip, I'll give you a bit of information about myself, my mindset, and the setting of the place we decided to trip.

I'm 17 years old, male, and an honor student still in high school. I weigh in at around 150 lbs. My mindset the day of the trip was one of excitement and happiness, as my last exams had just finished and I knew I had done great. I had also just gotten over a breakup with a girl I cared a lot about. I hadn't made any set plans to eat these mushrooms; however when I found out that one of my good friends was dealing them, and wanted to trip with me and a few of our close friends, I found it hard to say no.

The set up:
Me and four friends (all fairly close, which is so important, I simply cannot stress this enough) decided to stay the night at our friend/dealers house. He talked to his parents about setting up some tents in the backyard for the night, and they agreed. They are very liberal parents, and we live in Canada. They thought all we were going to do is smoke some weed, and hey, who doesn't down here. It might also be interesting to note that the night before I tripped (late June), a girlfriend of mine was bad tripping on shrooms and I took care of her for two or three hours.

I had read here on shroomery that vitamin C can play a special role in increasing the amount of visuals you experience during your trip report, so I suggested to my friends that we take the shrooms with some orange juice. The names I'll assign to my friends are J (the dealer), R, B, and S. Our dealer weighed out 2.5 grams on a digital scale for me and R, while B and S opted to take 3.5 grams. The dealer, J, a veteran, took 5. I'm afraid no one was really sure what types of shrooms they were; suffice to say they were cubes.

Start time: 05:00 - 05:30
We eat the shrooms raw, washed down with some OJ. I heard the taste was awful, but to me it tasted simply like hay. We sit around J's kitchen table, talking about past trips a few of them have had (only R and I have never tripped before). Our friend B told us a story about how the first time he did mush, he took 7 grams, and looked in a mirror, then saw himself instantly age to 90, then dies. At this point, my stomach was feeling a little nauseous, which tends to be normal with shrooms (again, reading up on this information before hand stopped me from being nervous when the deed was done).

I wanted to go outside in case I was going to be sick, so we all headed out to laze around on his front lawn. We lay down in the grass and looked up at the sky, which was clear blue with not a cloud in sight. It was this point that I noticed the funny floating feeling I got when lying on my back looking up. I also noticed that I could see little rainbows everywhere, not cartoon, but real time rainbows all over the sky, no more then a few meters in length (I saw the same things again the second time I tripped, and have found that these rainbows are dominant in my experiences).

J's parents decided to leave for a while, so we decided to head down to the park. J and B smoked a joint, but R, S, and I decided to opt out, mainly because we knew we weren't near our peak yet, though we were starting to feel it. The feeling of nausea was gone now, replaced by a feeling of the unknown and strange. We looked at the water of the river near the park. With the reeds and ripples breaking off of it, plants and birds floating by, it was truly a magical sight. I had a cherry clove cigarette that my sister had given me before I had gone out to J's place, and we decided to smoke it. It was unbelievable. I can best describe it as liquid candy flowing down our throats, into our lungs, and throughout the body, and all of my friends agreed.

Things start to really kick in now. I noticed that the trees are seem to be more diagonal and horizontal then simply upright. Is seems as though a strong wind is blowing, though there is very little evidence of wind from the grass or the water. We are standing in the little forested region of the park that is a three minute walk from J's house, and the path seems like something out of a horror movie, though we aren't scared. It is dark now, and the stars and moon have crept out, but the trees are lying down, and seeming to fling back and forth. We decide that the only way to get through the path is at a run, and we run through as fast as we can. We get to the end of the path, out of breath and laughing at nothing. The trees are breathing as well as flinging back and fourth now, and we look at each others pupils. Gigantic!

I light another cigarette, and I have a bit of trouble with the lighter. My friend R claims that every time I spark the lighter, everything turns into Pixar animations for a few seconds. We all laugh at this, and walk back to J's house. We sit on his front porch while B smokes weed out of a pipe. The smoke curls up, making many shapes and images that are hard to remember now. I am seeing some sparks, and peoples faces seem to be twisting and folding.

J's dad comes home, and quite strangely, cracks open a beer and sits with us a while. Instead of being freaked out, as most people would be, I find I'm perfectly comfortable with him there. He thinks we are just smoking weed, and as long as we keep quiet, he'll have no idea what we're really on.

J's dad heads inside, and we decide we can't deal with being inside right now, so we head back out to the park. B, S, and J are tripping hard, but me and R aren't peaking yet. We decide to take more. I take another 2.5 grams, and R takes another 2. Right after we dosed up, the shrooms hit hard. J convinced us to come into the sand and paint symmetrical pictures in it. We got on our knees in the sand, and with one finger on each hand drew symbols all around us. To my amazement, black lighting followed my fingers around as if they were conductors, and I could see this black lighting for a few seconds in the sand paintings we were doing.

Another thing that amazed me was that during this peak outside, I'd ask the time. Afterwards, I'd paint in the sand for what seemed like hours. I'd ask for the time again, and it would only be a few minutes past. Time moves so slowly. I looked up at the stars, to see that they were racing around each other like ants on an anthill. They were simply speeding all over the place, never touching, but circling each other and coming quite close. I kept thinking I saw shooting stars, but there is no way to be sure.

We head back to J's house, and we all decided to smoke some weed out of his bong in his back yard. We go inside to set up the bong, and sit in his basement. He has a picture down there that is simply large splotches of very bright, oily paint on a white canvas. This painting was bleeding everywhere. It looked as if someone had donated a various colors of blood in clear bags, and attached them to this canvas, and the blood was flowing in all directions, and mingling with other colors. I looked up at his ceiling as well, and saw it breath towards me as I breathed in, coming mere inches from my face. This blew my mind.

10:15 - ??:??
We headed outside, and smoked five or six bowls of prime BC Bud. This brought me right back into the peak of my trip, and my memories get quite hazy around this time (I attribute this to the marijuana, for it seems as if I have a fairly stable memory on shrooms). I remember thinking that I saw all these animals that weren't actually there, and then simply tripping out for hours in the tent. When I closed my eyes in the tent, 3D cubs, spheres, and diamonds of unimaginable colors and combinations flowed through my mind at what seemed like a million images a minute. When my eyes were open, lights from the house formed patterns on the green canvas of the tent, and a few splashes of rain made noise and patterns unimaginable. The tent would flow and breath in towards you, until it seemed to touch your face, and recoil just as it had done so. I fell asleep a few hours later out of sheer exhaustion, and my dreams were vivid.

I felt fairly happy and had a kind of afterglow affect for a few days after having taken the shrooms. I feel a lot closer to the friends with whom I ate this fungus, and that friendship and feeling of kinship is still lasting.

Conclusion and insight:
Looking back, my sole intention when using these magic mushrooms was to experience an altered state of mind. I did not use them for spiritual purposes, for healing, nor did I feel any spiritual presence. This isn't to say that mushrooms are not a spiritual drug, I am simply not a spiritual person. It is possible that those who hold a strong belief in spirituality feel a divine presence on shrooms because of their ability to increase your emotional and psychological ideas of what is important in your life. If you want to use this fungus in a spiritual way, by all means go ahead. However, even if you are not a spiritual person, there are no real criteria when consuming these fungus, not including past family mental problems. Mushrooms simply increase your perspective, and increase your emotional state in reference to your hopes, dreams, and the things which you care most about.

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