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Calea Zachatechichi tea trip

Invisible dragons and false awakening

A little background: I have been experiencing with lucid dreaming for a few months now, and decided to see how calea would aid with my dreaming.

So I got a Calea Zachatechichi plant yesterday, and decided to make a tea before I went to bed. I gathered a handful of leaves, tore them in half and put them in hot water and let them simmer for about 15 minutes. About an hour later as  I was dozing off, my heart beat really hard and I saw my radio and it was colored in a vibrant rainbow pattern, sort of like as a closed eye visual. When I did actually fall asleep, I began dreaming that an invisible dragon was flying around my yard. I went outside and knocked it out of the air with a stick and killed it. I then proceeded to have a false awakening where I went and told my sister about the dragon dream.

Overall it was a very interesting experience and was definitely worth the $20 I spent. Here's a picture of the plant: http://i.imgur.com/Hscn9gU.jpg

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