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2017 Shroomfest, 4 Gram Great Trip.

Best trip thus far.

(Written as Journal entry)


12:34 am

     Right now I sit awake very early Monday morning about to detail the psychedelic experience had upon the first day of Shroomfest Saturday evening. Word to Ari Shaffir and the Skeptic Tank.


I have a group of friends that has drifted slightly in the past few years after high school, but we still are mostly all around, and I distanced a bit due to the lifestyle that most of them have taken on of excessive drinking and lack of positive goals (or any goals). I love my friends, and wish them the best, though feel distant from their path.

My life lately has shown serendipitous signs of guiding me towards positive goals.

Soon I depart to hike "The Long Trail" with my Brother and good friend 'B' and I am very excited. We will be gone for a month and this is going to bring my brother and I closer.

My Saturday began with my cousin waking me up to go yard sailing. This was welcomed as I love the American tradition. We went all over and I found good stuff, most notably a massive wooden desk that inhabited a university professors class room at one point, with a free sign on it. We loaded the heavy beast on the roof rack of his Volvo and brought her home. the desk was to big to get in right off and my room was a bit cluttered so we left it outside. We got done around noon.

I relaxed for a bit, and made the plan to trip that night. I weighed out 4 grams and packed up all my hiking stuff minus tent and plus my carry chair.

2 o clock my friend 'R' picked up my brother and 'B' to take us to Burlington so my bro can get his trail shoes and we can hang out. we are in Burlington until 5 when we head out back to drop my bro off at my house and for me to get my stuff for the night. 'B' and I get dropped off at 'B's house and 'R' tells me he might be going to the area I will be camping in later with my other friends 'D' and 'J'. I tell him if he does go, to 'WOOP' three times and I would respond with the same and come down.

'B' sells me a gram before dropping me off near the granite quarries and I make my way up to the tallest grout pile where trees cover in and a flat place is with camp fire. it is an hour before sunset now and I set all my stuff up

The Trip:

8 o clock sharp I consume the 4 dried grams beginning a new journal and new chapter of life.

8:30pm I hear 'WOOP' 'WOOP' 'WOOP'. I 'WOOP' back and begin the steep decent back through the woods to "The Ledge" (a wooded peninsula 100 ft up above a huge water filled granite quarry) where they are. I get there and it is the three of them 'R' 'D' and 'J'. 2/3 have had psychedelic experiences and I trusted them to be cool with me which they upheld.

9:00pm I feel the first signs of psilocybin; the clouds in the sky seem to expand while never getting larger and my periphery is enhanced. in about 20 minutes I am feeling it good and say my departs to my friends and head back up my mini mountain. on the way back things are noticeably different with the trees leaking down towards me in the dark. I climb up the rock pile with ease still and get the top sweaty. I sit down and then lie back on my foam sleep pad but the mosquitoes were worse than I thought they would be. I gave good consideration on what to do and the decided I would ask my friends if they could bring me home.

9:30pm I 'WOOP' three times again and here it back and head down with all my stuff this time. I feel definitely more trippy but grew up on these piles and descended with ease. my visual field was swimming good now.

9:40-10:30pm I hang out with my friends and relax on the ledge knowing I have a ride home to the comfort of warm blankets and 4 walls. my visual field is still swimmy and the sky and clouds expand still.

10:30 pm we decide to leave and who will bring me home is 'D' driving and 'R' riding shotgun. 'R' is 6 or 7 beers in and inebriated, but 'D' is good. when we alk to get the car, I wait on this side of the road and the 5 minutes they were gone my trip intensifies. the trail back is dark lit by moonlight and my motor control is lessened. I feel the world take on a feeling unique to altered mind states.

10:40-11:00pm we drive and I see my first obvious 'Hallucination' and that is 'R' is on his phone playing music in the front seat and a grey misty film is following wherever his hand and glowing screen go. when we arrive at Mc.D's (for them not me) the lights are bright overwhelming a bit but I was good. we next go to a gas station and while 'D' is inside I mentioned that I had peaked (naively) back up in G-ville; 'R' says "you ate 4 grams? ha, you haven't peaked yet" and he was right.

Midnight: after getting home and power cleaning my room I put in a blacklight bulb and sit in front of my hanging tiger blanket with my hands extended to the small table in front of me with my chillum and weed packed in it. I put my headphones in and put on 'Sphongle' "Tales of the Inexpressible". this is where the trip becomes intense.

I sit eyes open starring into the tigers face in front of me and hit the weed. The music orchestrates dancing patterns on the blanket and kaleidoscopic images then took on the look of iridescent egg cartons.

Terrence McKenna says in one song "on the walls, if such they be, are crawling with geometric hallucinations" at which point I turn my head and see that he is in fact correct in saying that.

the tiger face is powerful and I see if flicker between tiger and great horned owl, and the owl looks at me and says "you can handle anything". it does this repetitively and opens my eyes to tell me. it says "you can handle anything" with emphasis on 'Anything'.

1:00am the peak is over and I feel very good about the course of this trip, very happy. I lie there after eating banana and kiwi and fall asleep comfortable


This was highly productive in the course of my life and I gained a better appreciation for my goal of becoming financially stable by way of art and writing. I am happy to be existing in the present point of space and time and have gratitude for the things unique to humans. I come back from this trip with a new mantra...

Talk less.
You can handle anything.

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