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Simplified Cultivation Methods, Easy As Fuck link list, Trusted Culvator links and methods and other cultivation info

Updated July 2017

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Search engine TEK
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Getting Started Flow Chart and Tips

Easy AF Pressure Cooker TEK

Easy AF Search Engine TEK

Easy AF SAB TEK (Sterile Technique, Avoid Contamination)

Agar TEK's Including Bod's Easy AF Comprehensive Agar TEK

Easy AF Unmodified Tub TEK (pictures in my signature)

Easy AF Oat Prep TEK (making grain spawn)

Easy AF Polyfil Lid TEK (great for g2g receiving jars)

Easy AF Bucket TEK (How I do substrate)

Easy AF Harvesting TEK

Bod's proper spore print TEK

Easy AF cultivation videos

Reishi Find Clone and Grow. Get Outside and do Mycology

Bod's Library

Places to ask questions

AMU's Forum

QnAMU (a Question and Answer formated thread)

The Noob Forum

The Noob Forum's QnA thread

Trusted and up to date TEK lists.

The Official TNF Recommended Teks and Methods


Getting Started 2017
General Cultivation Topics 2017
The Strain Forum
Strains Varieties Species Questions Answered

Sterile technique links, build a SAB or FlowHood

Standout Threads of 2017

Mushboy's Making Shoeboxes
and these results

c10's agar guide

ComebackKid's Proper Surface Moisture / When to Increase FAE

This one:derfase:

Ziran's updated PF TEK guide. With fruiting of cakes in SGFC or Monotub

C10's Cadillac flowhood build.


Pastywhyte's Easy Agar Tek

Pastywhyte likes mini mono's

Pastywhyte's Easy Invitro Straw

Tic Tac Toe Agar (Tiger Drop 2.0)

Pastywhyte's Easy Lid Tek

Pastywhyte's Easy Micropore Dialed Monos

Pastywhyte's EzLC tek

Basic principles of mushroom cultivation


The Basics

The Noob Forum-  A hassle-free place to ask questions about cutivating mushrooms
There are many ways to do things, but this is how I do it. I don't claim to have invented any of this stuff. I will be happy to give credit to anyone who wants it.

This is the portal to my series "The Basics". I like simplicity and effectiveness. There are many ways to cultivate mushrooms, but these teks and explanations are based on the most common methods used on the Shroomery Forums. Because these are the most popular, you are likely to get the most and best help when you get stuck.

I am not a master cultivator. I don't have a vast knowledge of the wide world of mushrooms. What I do have is an excellent understanding of the most common teks used on the Shroomery and some pretty good writing skills.

I have tried to break down the teks in their component parts so you can just go to the part of tek you actually need help with. This makes it so you may not have to read a bunch of stuff you already know. There is no question too stupid to ask on my threads and teks, but please respect my efforts by remaining on topic.

I also tried to put these in order of progression from start to finish. I'll add more on the beggining and end as time permits.

Getting Started

Where to begin?
Why You Should Really Start With Agar
SAB (Still Air Box)
How To Use The Search Feature (UTSF)
Tips For Better Posts

Cakes and SGFC

Principles of the SGFC
The Misted Cake Project

Teks for Doing Bulk Grows

Rye Berries (spawn)
Quick Rye Prep (spawn)
WBS (Wild Bird Seed) (spawn)
Pressure Cooking
Bulk substrate using CVG
Principles of the Monotub
How to make a Monotub
Spawning to Bulk and Fruiting


A Comprehensive Sclerotia Cultivation Guide - From Spore Print To Spore Prints (VER 1.0)

Links To My Psilocybe, Panaeolus and Edible Cultivation Attempts

Workman (click here)



Interesting and Informative threads

Spores are for Microscopy Only -Bodhisatta

Guide to Common Contaminate Mushrooms -Workman

Recognizing and dealing with contamination -Kizzle

How it should & shouldn't look -Tmethyl

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