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Things change

2 trips 2 different experiences

I had never taken mushrooms before but I heard a lot of goods things about them.
So I grew them!
First time with B+, 2.5g
Chopped the mushrooms up and ate them with an ice tea chaser. I really didn't know what to expect. I always overblow these things, expecting the worst.  After about 30 to 45 minutes I felt a warm sensation beginning to grow in my body, like it was too hot in the room. In about 10 minutes it hit me, strong! My whole upper body, chest, arms, neck and head felt like I just acquired a a very bad sunburn. It felt hot with a prickly dry heat. It was intense! So intense that I thought that I was having a allergic reaction to the mushrooms. I headed for my allergy medicine but paused to take stock of what was really happening. If it was an allergic reaction then my throat would start closing up. That wasn't happening. My pulse was not abnormally high. Other than the prickly heat, there were no signs of an allergic reaction. So I left the pills alone.
I also noticed that I was extremely dizzy. So dizzy I was bouncing off the walls. I was antsy and needed to move or run or something, but being as dizzy as I was, I thought it was best to sit and go for the ride.
After about an hour and a half things settled down and I was able to get into some music with shapes and colors with eyes closed.
Lasted about 4-5 hours

Second time with B+, 2.5g
Took the mushrooms as before but left the caffeine out of it this time. Much better this time, no heat, just a mellow warmth expanding through out my body. It seemed that the spirit of the mushroom was more acquainted my me this time. Felt very relaxed and had a feeling of well being.
The odd thing is that  my clothes felt too hot and restrictive. I had to immediately get rid of them as soon as possible. Since I live alone, that is not a problem. I also felt that I had to stretch my muscles. Legs, arms torso. It felt that all my muscles had to open and make way for the mushroom!
So I used the rest of the time listening to music and observing the colors and shapes behind closed eyes. I felt very high the entire time.
The last hour, hour and a half, my body had to move so I moved to the music(dancing, if you want to call it that).
Extremely relaxed and and felt an overwhelming feeling of well being. That feeling lasted for about 2 1/2 days.

As a summary, I believe the first session was an exploratory session for the spirit of the mushroom(yes, I  do believe in a spirit associated with the mushroom, a sentient spirit!). The mushroom was mapping out the territory and opening the energy channels of my body. Hence the prickly heat and the dizziness. Come to find out shortly after the first experience, I learned I had an ear infection in my right ear. A situation that would lead to blockage of (mushroom) energy in the ear resulting in dizziness.

Eventually a larger dose is indicated in the future leading to a continuation of 'mutual exploration'.

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