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reptilian mind readers

far out

last friday i was with a neighbor's son who invited me to party with him and his girlfriend.  he was interested in mushrooms.  we chatted about those, started drinking some beer, smoking a little weed.  next he suggests i eat a couple mushrooms.  i do eat a couple of z strains, thick meaty stemmed shrooms.  i forget i did, keep partying.  

about a half hour in things are feeling strange.  dude hones in, he starts looking weird.  his girlfriend starts looking weird.  they did not eat shrooms.  he begins telling me a story of when he used to hang out at a strange church in ireland--100 years ago.  his face starts looking very wise, old, (hes 34).  the girl is acknowledging his story as if she was there.  her face begins looking more frog like, her eyes are almost totally black except for a little white on the outer edges.  her features morph into an exotic  frog like creature with extreme interest in my experience on shrooms.  

at about midnight dude flips an ashtray and begins saying "what the fuck.  something just changed.  bad energy." ashes fly into my face.  the girl begins repeating "what the fuck."  i happen to look at my phone which was face down on the table to see a text from my wife that says "WHAT THE FUCK?!"  it was so surreal that i showed them my text and said "whoa, look what my wife just sent.  how did u guys know?"  they never answered my question.  the girl began explaining to me that my wife was pregnant, which she is, and that her hormones are raging.  the girl does not know or has never seen my wife.  the girl was reading my mind.  i was blown out by this.  

when i got home i told my wife that i thought they were reading my mind and that i think they were aliens--not of this planet.  

a guy once told me that he has seen reptilians on acid and that the reptilians are the ones involved in the drug culture.  in our normal frequency "reality" we dont necesraily sense this but when i tuned into a different frequency (on shrooms) it was like they were attracted to those vibes and it was unbelievable for me.  has anyone else ever had such an experience?  

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