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Bizarre trip

This trip didn't occur recently, it was last year, but it was easily the weirdest experience Ive had on mushrooms.

This trip didn't occur recently, it was last year, but it was easily the weirdest experience Ive had on mushrooms. I put level 3 on your rating scheme but it didn't really fit into any category. First some background. I come from Auckland New Zealand, and the kind of mushrooms we get around here are blue meenies. This is another name for Psilocybe Cyanascens, although I was reading an Erowid article about mushrooms in NZ which called them Psilocybe Aucklandii, a variation or new strain or something; however they match your description of P. Cyans perfectly. Anyway, they're pretty damn potent. On this particular occasion me and a couple of mates boiled up about 40 to 50 mushies for 20 minutes on a little outdoor billy, mixed the resulting liquid with Ribena and drank. We were all extremely experienced trippers, but none of us was ready for what happened next. The trip kicked in within 4-5 minutes of drinking - Im not kidding! We were still at my goddamn house with my Mom upstairs, so I quickly ran up and told her we'd be out for a while. The peak came within 6-10 minutes(once again- not kidding)and this wasn't just for me, both my mates agreed. All of a sudden my head was spinning and I was hearing buzzing sounds, feeling almost too dizzy to stand. The intensity continued to build rapidly, as did my nausea. I began to hallucinate, especially with regard to sound and the size of objects, and I realised that pretty soon I was going to throw up. We got off the main road into a park where I threw up viciously into a drain and while this was occuring I had a bizzare experience. My mates concerned voices sounded a million light years away, little high pitched chattering reminiscent of Alvin and the chipmunks. The drain looked like some kind of threatening mouth, inviting me in. My head felt like it was caving in and my vision became warped and jaded, colours seeming dull yet disconcertingly vivid. It was just around dusk which may have enhanced this. I became paranoid about some little elf like creatures that were scuttling around on the horizon chattering wildly(really skaties up at the local bowl) because I couldn't understand their language. I felt like reality was slipping away. Then, a few minutes after I had spewed I suddenly shot back down to earth, back to a far more comfortable high that was pleasant and intriguing but not very intense(Level 1-2). This was roughly 30 minutes after ingesting. You might think that this was because I had purged my body of the mushrooms, but the weird thing was my mates experienced the exact same thing- minus the technicolour yawn. The rest of the trip was pretty standard, but a few spots of some sticky red NZ skunk made it rather interesting later. I reckon Ive done around fifty mushy trips, but none as weird as that fucker. It just goes to show that if you think you can predict the nature of any psychedelic experience then you're just asking to be proved wrong

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