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bit lengthy, but energetic i hope, 1st shrooming

I started the day with a kind of aprehensive cynicism, the old story, shudve got some drugs yesterday and didnt, might have been getting them that morning but doubted it and then yes it falls through once more and im left poorer in various ways but with the hope ever present for these things.

I started the day with a kind of aprehensive cynicism, the old story, shudve got some drugs yesterday and didnt, might have been getting them that morning but doubted it and then yes it falls through once more and im left poorer in various ways but with the hope ever present for these things. Got very caned in the woods after brooding for first lesson, college not so fun, returned to woods , got caned once more, then lo! one of the promised buyers comes walking past with his mushrooms in a little bag full of dried grass. this was my first look at mushrooms and the hope was back, there actually were some going about, so i spend the afternoon moving about collee investigating and waiting and praise god near the days end they arrive and we arent sure of the amount and someones been skanking but im delighted to have them safe in my pocket. they are dealt out to each aspiring young traveller and i can relax and make plans. so my friends parents are away which is the first sign, the first blessing from god that makes this day so special that sets the cosmic cogs in motion, so we decide to eat them tonight in that sweet village that ill be finding later in its radiance. whats more she is back from a weed venture were she found some ace weed in a bag on the pavement no less, believed to be white widow no less it certainly looked and smelt like it well and this is the next gift from god along with all that he has grown for us he now chooses to drop this bud onto the very street for us.
so a dash to a car for a lift and people trying to capitalise on the situation running behind u get a feeling theres not totally honesty in their words but they and i were pleased in the end but no time for thst now. i look at the mushrrooms, they are so small! dont know what i was expecting but shatterd surpassed expectations run through this day.
so we arrive i marvell at the sweet house so full of wonderful stuf to look at later on and i set about counting them up and removing the dried grass, i scam i suspect since they were weighed out at eigths hmmmmmmm
so the path has been set lovingly for us and after a light meal to settle the stomach after the fasting which i had read somewhere was a wise and ancient practice and a smoke we considered the dosage. first up was shroom orange juice and they floated but went well and very tasty not at all bad like id read. then some wise old shroom tea which was deliscious and warm as the summer and we sat on the couch until giggles started bursting through and my friend saw a fly which very well cud have been real but we agreed that the curtains were now glowing with life and moving when we agreed oh my god the curtains! and the ceiling started its journey as it shifted in its green beauty.
after discussing wat was about in jonathan creek a feeling of lightness awoke as we bounced about the room, gently and drifting, bouncing over sleepy dogs. a walk to the shop! a purpose? cigarretes! good enough
wat more to say then felt amazing the village was new anyway no famillar objects changing and reborn just rebirth of the world and giggles insie a shop. i wanted to explore more, walking talking, another shop more giggles. outside, into the park were we had decided we shud skin up and after an eternity of distractions realising we have no skins and back to the shop were i have never been more glad to be offerd blue rizzlas in my life. more beauty and clouds so captivating your heart swells and concentration blown away on the night breeze and then final with some excellent team work we have the j finished. then panic of sorts, wat have i just been skinning up with, the mushrooms? no no , too many bags, deffinately the old green and then away into the village once more. a sign sayin "pool" , yes! how cud we not so we go into the this club where we are greeted by the kindest old man and we are off again with the giggles must have freaked him slightly but he offrs us a years membership for 5 pounds and asures us he wont be kicking us out. but can we check out his club before we hand over our five pounds, yes ofcourse and here is our only fear and loathing moment with one round room full of drinks red curtains and women smoking fags and only one pool table and fun as it wud be to challenge the locals we are ofcourse being pulled forever onwards and say we might come back tomorrow.
a walk through a graveyard but spooked by sounds morphin into new shapes in fact and finally back at the house were now the surfaces are shimmering more and a long stare at the wall paper reveals the beauty of creation to me in its infinite complexity and i understand without words and am nearly in tears.
feeling fantastic and my beautiful friend who is glowing comes through, let me mention the undertanding and loving connectedness . anyways she comes in with her mate who blessed us with a lift earlier and says we are to go into town later on a weed mission for a friend of the first friends. before then i remember the aphex twin never sounded so good those blues funk acid beats never were better and the magic carpet rippling on the floor. this period of awe and shroom amazement gets confused in my memory with the period after the trip to town but through both i have never been a room that was so beautiful.
and here is the next blessing from god thats assures that this day was a true purpose as we arrive in town about 1ish which is when the youth of our dear town are leaving the usual place of party fun and occasional good music. and we meet a serious of people who know, who have felt the same thing we r feeling now and who agree whole heartedly and one who knows intuitively as soon as i say how well im doing that its mushrooms, yes. then good friends in the chicken place but hurried, as wehave to get the lift back, so i assure my drunk friend whose very into his chips that it is amaxzing and ill tell all later.
hmm and the god given spliff was, u guessed, amazing but no weed deal goes down so on the way back he asks me how mu ch for a q i say 15 he says hell give me twenty. more giggles and connectedness with my fellow mystic traveller in the back of the car i must mention and pay respects to her rolling skills which she employed so beautifully on the way there.
next back at the house more patterns, strange tv, a card trick at which the mind boggles and it is like god is shining through everything. about 3 my friend goes upstairs to bed after providing me with blankets as she has a drivin lesson in the mornin, i listen to music and stare at magic eye postcards until i feel tired. i go to the bathroom believing most of the effects to have worn off, but there in the mirror at first my face streches crazilly before i morph into a kind of wolf man, then a bear, then have ancient aztec or some ancient womens faces rising out of my own. tell her to come che ck this out but she is almost asleep by now.
on the couch the philosophy starts as i begin to reavaluate the universe, perception, and god.
in the morning we discuss the trip and eat fresh eggs.
detailing this now because i started out of bordem and then decided i might aswell finish, it has put the day into order a bit for me but this text in no way describes wat it was like, because u cant really u have to experience it, i do suggest u try it if u hsavent, but make sure the setting is right and do it witrh a good friend in relaxed surrounding, oh yeag this was my firsr time described by the way. those who know , know, and wat else can i say to them but oooooooo yes!

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