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200ug LSD Trip

Being whipped around like a ragdoll

So a little background, I've been waiting for months now for my parents to leave on a job so I can trip without anyone around. This trip happened on June 6th.

I wake up at 5 AM and go to the fridge. I get out a blotter and take it along with a cup of tea. About an hour later, it hasn't kicked in, so I'm like "what the heck, I'll take another" and swallow another one. Well, I'm walking around doing some chores around 6:30 when suddenly my legs get weak. I hop into my bed, sorta scared because I knew I'd taken more than I have before and it was already feeling pretty intense. I'm laying in my bed and the walls and ceiling start breathing. I'm feeling extremely tired and sorta nauseated. Everywhere there is a line or a seam, it looks like a rainbow.

About an hour in, things start getting intense and I'm feeling disconnected from reality, so I decide to put on my favorite show, Scorpion. I put on the episode "Plutonium is Forever", which was an extremely good choice, and calmed me while making the trip super fun (coincidentally, one of the issues in this episode is going down the rabbit hole). The voices on the show were echoing really loud, and the faces were morphing. A few times the screen looked like it had halved and that half was backwards on the other half of the screen. At one point, there was an explosion on the show and it looked like a portal had opened and the show took on a sort of outer space theme, and I felt like I was being sucked into the portal. I was really drowsy and had trouble keeping my eyes open at times. At one point I looked out of my room into the bathroom across the hall and saw a skeleton type figure bent over the toilet like it was puking. I was able to get out of bed a few times and walk into my living room, but was too scared to venture outside off my porch for fear of getting snake bit, as everything outside looked completely animated.

At around 11 the trip starts to calm down and I'm able to get up and move around. I go into the kitchen and pour a bowl of cinnamon toast crunch, but I take a bite and almost puke because of how sweet it is. At this point it is lightly sprinkling outside, so I venture out and the rain just feels so amazing on my bare body. I look at the clouds rolling by and the trees swaying in the wind and it was so beautiful. I go back in about 15 minutes later and grab a Sunkist Peach out of the fridge. I take a swig of it and swish it around in my mouth, and suddenly the sun starts flickering brighter and dimmer. I also took a shower just to see how it would feel on acid. After this I go to my room and put on some music and just enjoy the fading effects.

I wound up falling asleep around 3:30 PM still having some pretty solid visuals. Overall it was an extremely fun trip and I plan to do it again when I get some more LSD. I hope you guys enjoyed my trip report!

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