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Double Dose.

10+ grams of cubensis

As the caption states on this night I ate at least 10 grams of dried psilocybe cubensis grown at home. It was sort of an accident that I took that much, I will explain why but this was absolutely the craziest and most out of this world experience that I have ever had and will probably ever have. I am pretty experienced with shrooms, I have probably done them over 50 times and Ive done acid a few times and salvia many times also so I know my psych drugs. A couple weeks before I had taken a little over 5 grams and extracted the psilocibin using pure grain alcohol (if your not familiar with this tek it can be found on this site). I wasnt sure if I did this right but I was left with this little ball of clear goop in the end so I decided to take that with my normal dose of 5g dose which I blended up into basically a powder and put that into a big cup of cranberry juice and chugged. I knew the risks of what I was doing.

  About 5 minutes after ingestion things that werent suppose to move were already getting wavy and slowly morphing and changing shape. I wasnt even tripping yet but I could feel the powerful change in mental state coming rapidly. I went outside and smoked a cigarette and watched the land in my yard act as though it was a lake. Stupid grass doesnt it know its not supposed to do that? I was only 10 minutes in and wast tripping yet but It was at this point I was getting nervous about what was coming. After my cigarette I went into my room and put in some headphones to let the indomitable journey commence. At about 20 minutes in, music was...it was..... WOW! I have never heard music in that way even though I knew the songs every note and every beat of the drums was a surprise like I had never even heard music at all until now and the songs pierced my brain as if the music was inside my head. Every song had its own special and incredibly deep emotion unique to that song. The song that impacted me the most was a song by Buckethead called "Stun pike and the jack in the boxhead". This journey was two years ago and I can still go back to that night whenever I hear that song. I let the songs dance around and warp themselves into my brain for about 45 minutes and it was just getting too much too handle so I went to watch some tv.

  I started watching Lost, kind of a depressing show but for my trip it was a very powerful and moving experience. Everything that happened in the show seemed so intense like I was there. I was now definitely at the stage that is commonly refered to as "tripping balls" although I never understood the term. After watching tv for a while things started going bad. My neighbors behind my house had something going on and they were in our front field screaming at eachother. The neighbors used our driveway to get back to their house and this van which I had never seen before came blasting up the driveway and stopped right beside our house and and starred into the window where I was standing starring back at him, could he see me in this dark room? Then it sped off and left. I have a wife and a kid and I was freaking out worrying about how could I protect my family if I need to in the state of consiousness Im in? Im pretty sure those people were into some shady stuff so I dont think I was too paranoid to think that I might have to get involved with the situation especially if the cops got there but thankfully they didnt come. 

  After a short time they all left and things were quiet again but shortly after the commotion the shrooms effects multiplied, I would assume this was from the intense fight or flight feelings I was having due to the crazy neighbors. I was now tripping 3x as hard as I was and I had lost control of the journey I was on. Visuals got very crazy, things were morphing and changing so fast it was like I now lived inside a very fast paced kaleidoscope. My body and mind felt like two seperate things. Racing thoughts and feelings of guilt and remorse came from nowhere and overwhelmed me. I listened to music again but it was too much to handle. I closed my eyes and I didnt see the usual shifting patterns and a black background, no, the background was white! Or whatever else color it wanted to be but mostly bright white and the patterns were shifting very rapidly. After a while of feeling like I was dying I thought that I had already died and was a ghost in my own home. This calmed me down, at least I dont have to worry about dying, it already happened and I didnt even know it. For about thirty minutes (shroom time) I truly thought I was dead. After that I started coming down, realized I wasnt dead so I smoked a bowl and went the fuck to sleep!

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