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Something Beautiful

My Experience With Cannabis

it seems to me that way too many people underestimate the power of cannabis, and thats not me comparing users to non users. what i mean is it often mistaken for the perfect sedative that can wash away all of your problems for a few hours, and really nothing more. but in actuality the power of thc (cbd too) is widely misunderstood by even users. not many people know that cannabis is a psychedelic, thiugh a mild one. given the right circumstances and/or amount of thc, you can experience some wild and beautiful things. im not saying you're gonna trip. but having realizations and happiness morelike. a short while prior to this being posted, i experienced something truly wonderful i feel like, and it was all thanks to cannabis. 

so to preface this, i re-upped last night with my gf. we bought from our usual dealer, who we'd never had much issue with. we packed our herb pen and had some tokes in one of our favorite nature parks. it was sunset, nobody was in the area we were in, and the sound of a waterfall graced our ears while we took goofy selfies. we decided to get food and bug spray cause fuck mosquitos. on the way to get food i started to feel very grouchy and irritable. i wasnt feeling that pleasant high that I normally get. i was unsure why. after eating and such we went to park and chill out somewhere. this is where it went south. we were nearly down from our first high and decided to smoke more due to feeling shitty. well we loaded the pen again and sucked the life out of it. five minutes later we're giddy again, and we start laughing and talking about life. suddenly, we sink. we both feel our emotions being body slammed on the ground. my gf has anxiety so she ended up handling it worse than me. she began feeling horrible about herself and crying softly. for nearly ten minutes we held eachother, i was trying to comfort her. i tried to sit her up and talk some joy into her ears but all i saw was someone who wasnt my gf. same body, but she was not acting like her. i saw her shaking mildly and her eyes were outlined in red from the crying. she looked so stoned, and so sad and uncomfortable. she tells me now that she cant remember any of it really. still unsure what happened to her, but i fear we might have overdone it on the smoking. i had forgotten i'd bought a higher thc strain of cannabis. 


every morning i like to wake n bake. its fun to chill in bed after i wake up and just feel lit. well today i was having said wake n bake. all going great, only two hits this time to avoid reliving last night. well two hits drilled me good i'll say. a couple hours passed and i took two more. this time i was ready to put my phone down and fall away. i put on "a nice little place" by ott, with headphones of course, and lay my head back. luckily im one to have strong closed eyes visuals if i focus on them, so i closed my eyes and started just letting my mind go. i just wanted it to flow. i began to connect with the music and put beautiful imagery to the sounds. at the beginning of the song you hear people and bicycles, life happening. i pictured a man standing in a long structure the length and shape of a train car. it was white and light blue, in and out. smoothed over profile, it had windows like a plane on each side. this structure was floating in space between the moon and our planet. the man was looking at the wall and smiling, tears forming. on the wall were holographic videos of his exact memories, just how he'd lived them. these memories were his forever, like everyone. through the holograms and windows of the structure you could see the beauty of the universe. my mind began to shift the imagery as the song transitioned into a "dream drone". what i now saw was me on a bicycle, and i was pulling a long narrow wagon that was filled with everyone in my immediate family. we were still in space however, and we were riding on a long, neon pink beam, like a monorail track. it was everlasting and connected to everything in the universe. around us were floating rock tunnels, nebulas that glowed a blue and purple hue, and beautiful energy that brought them all to tears. i began to try and make sense of my thoughts. what i interpreted was that it was me showing my family the universe via psychedelics. nobody in my family but me (that i know of) does any sort of recreational drug, and i only use psychs. my intention is to both feel the gift of life at its utmost purest and to find the truth. as i began to realize what i was seeing i was overcome by emotion and began to cry. i love my family and bringing them all to the truth with me through the use of these substances (though sadly unlikely) sounded so healing and beautiful. but i fear i may remain the only one who will dare to embark. luckily my gf is my eternal partner and is there to share the experiences. 

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