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Complete and utter madness

First Level 4 Shroom Trip

Friday, May 12th 2017. Frankston VIC, Australia.
I had got my hands onto some Psilocybin mushrooms (Golden tops) to be precise, I don't dose by weighing I dose by the number of mushrooms I consume.
Today after work I decided to consume 20 Golden tops on an empty stomach, I get anxious before every trip for some reason but I had been mentally preparing myself all week for this trip...

About half an hour goes by and my visuals are coming on strongly compared to my previous trips in the past, I was inside a house with two people at this point in time observing my surroundings watching objects starting to breathe, As the mushrooms were kicking in I was shivering cold with my jaw jittering (I felt nauseous at this point too) I decided to go for a walk to warm up a bit (by myself), I then got outside and the clouds in the skies started expanding very fast and at this point in time, I new I was in for a trip that I've never experienced, I decided to go home to get some warmer clothes each minute that goes by the visuals are getting very intense, The street was growing in front me and objects starting multiplying before my eyes (I'd see a car and then it would appear to be 2 or 3 of them next to each other) My vision was expanding into an Ultra HD World and everything  began breathing from side to side, Trees and leaves were morphing into one another by the time I got in the door I was tripping balls badly, I got out to my back bungalow and decided to lie down in bed as the shrooms were taking me for a ride that I thought I was ready for (At this point in time my visuals are peaking) I'm super uncomfortable with the peak and intensity of what's going on around me, I couldn't fathom my mind and visuals racing at the speed it was, After laying in bed for 5-10 minutes I closed my eyes and started having mad auditory hallucinations  that were echoing and slowly sending me insane alongside with crazy closed eyed visuals it felt like each time I closed my eyes I was being massaged on both sides of the temple by some alien-like creature, (I was having closed eyed-visuals of aliens) and each time I closed my eyes the auditory hallucinations became louder and louder. I then opened my eyes when I was in the dark-room with the blinds slightly open, my whole room began to look like it was shaking and rattling around me, This scared me quiet a bit as I was trying to adjust to the intensity of this trip. My bookshelf literally started disappearing from me and I felt like I was being sucked into a dark dimension I jumped out of bed and all of a sudden everything  around me in my room looked black/grey/morbid like the world in front of me had no color, At this point in time I realized how powerful shrooms can really be, They can be ruthless to be honest I felt like this trip was turning into a very bad one quickly so I decided to leave my bungalow hop the fence and go walking by myself, This was honestly the best thing I could've done, I began walking through the school which is behind my house at this point it's just becoming dark outside I'm focusing on the trees I'm seeing them morph expand grow and breathe at a rapid speed which had me saying "F**k yeah this is sick" which left me having a huge smirk on my face, I began walking around the streets of my home town (I live in a pretty busy suburb) I continued walking because I was enjoying the fresh air plus the visuals were so beautiful, I then noticed a stranger walking on the. street so I said g'day to him I realized he had an accent I found out he was from Amsterdam I told him I had mushrooms and was tripping balls he laughed and told me to enjoy and we split are separate ways.

As I'm walking around my home town I start losing my concept of reality, Everything seemed so more broad, I walked past a group of people that were in the dark and it looked like they all merged into one big shadow , It felt like deja-vu walking alongside the streets (I had walked past bike riding sings that many times I kept thinking I was on the same street) my sense of smell was ultra-strong and the street lights looked like radiation,
My vision was no longer straight it was on an angle and kept rotating/rocking side to side visually, My thoughts were very different (Like I was living in a complete dream) I was trying to fight against the shroom trip but after a while I decided just to rock it, Just to go with the flow and let the shrooms take me for a proper experience, At this point in time I suddenly felt  very great and at peace (I kept saying out loud "This Is What It's All About") With a very big smile on my face, My body was feeling great and my visuals were F***ing insane when I was walking in the dark I would see objects morph around me with very colorful patterns in pitch black! when I was walking on the streets the street lights were glittering/beaming/sparkling and melting down to my feet as the footpath was rippling in front of me and waving (By this point during the trip I've turned
into a rambling mess, I struggled to walk normally at times and found it very difficult to string decent sentence together, I would wave my fingers in front of my face after a car drove past me and my fingers would look like they were wiggling around like Noodles)I felt like a kid again honestly, Like I was so happy and full of joy, (It was so beautiful I loved it) Houses appeared a lot bigger I felt like my vision became more narrow like I had grown a few extra feet in height. I honestly felt like all the things that have held me back in my past and currently holding me back presently had no longer bothered me, I no longer had any insecurities about myself or the sick things that go on in this world of  ours. At this point in my trip I never wanted to go back to reality, I was perfectly happy with where I was and I was comfortable with it, I was loving life and I no longer cared where I was (At this point in time I'm lost and don't know where I am because I'm walking around aimlessly but not caring where I was) Most of the trip I had cars driving past me looking like they were stretching as they were driving past, During this trip I felt like I could see a lot more further into the horizon, My Vision would focus on one thing like it was HD with a complete blurred background and if I focused on the horizon that would
become clear and what was close in front of me would blur but still be morphing (It was kind of like opposite focusing). I was so happy to be out in the fresh air and being around a lot of trees, I was in a cartoon world and everything was moving so fast, I was literally mind-blown by my visuals this whole trip, for 4 hours it was non-stop intense visuals and to be honest even though I was super anxious when they were kicking in, I was enjoying myself immensely walking around giggling, Talking to myself (Saying things that don't make sense, repeating my words, Giggling ect...)and not giving a S**T if anyone on the streets were watching me or anyone in there cars were. Once I changed my scenery from inside to outside, I had the most insightful shroom trip I've ever experienced, This trip has made me little more open minded to reality and what it is...
Maybe even a little life changing, This shroom trip felt like an eternity time became meaningless to me although It Didn't phase me because my mind was at bliss, I was having very intense humble feelings during this trip and my perception had me thinking what reality really was  and lead me to questioning who I was and what I was put onto this world for (In a positive not a negative way). My ego had been worn down, I Remember thinking I was in a galaxy far far away. I had an extreme body high I felt weightless. It's funny how a shroom trip can change your thoughts and emotions drastically, I'd have to say this has been my most awesome MIND BLOWING Psychedelic experience I've ever had.

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