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Wisdom Disk

Initiatory Download

One evening my wife and I decided to each imbibe 3 grams of a strain of Ps. cubensis that we had grown out from spores that I received from Stephen Peele back in the ealry 1980's, S0371, which was collected in Eastern Brazil.  This strain produced carpophores that had caps that were more domed in shape than the McKenna cubsnsis strains, the Lux Natura Amazonian and Brillo Nuevo strains, and we thus dubbed them "the domes."  We generally found it to be a very friendly strain with no hard edges.  

After consuming the 3 grams, we laid in bed together, watching our breathing, as the effects began to emerge.  At a certain point, we found ourselves suspended in deep interstellar space, minds silent and open.  Gently and slowly, we noticed a point of light emerging on the periphery of awareness.  Upon emerging and catching our attention, it began coming closer, soon accelerating its approach at a rapid rate, while emitting a deep vibrant "Aum" sound.  It soon became apparent that this was a living entity of galactic proportion.  As awareness of it blossomed, resonating in harmony with the vibration being emitted, it became apparent that it actually was a galaxy, our own Milky Way galaxy, and was endowed with a single, unitary consciousness that was vast and unfathomable.  As our individual points of awareness were integrated into the vastness of this greater mind,  we were shown the immense multitudes of worlds which made up its physical form.  By directing attention toward a single point of light, consciousness was able to enter the world which had attracted its focus and we began to perceive the beings that populated that zone of embodied experience, gently entering into and merging with the lives of the forms residing and having their being there.  We were stunned by the immensity of this awareness and came to realize how it is always present in its fullness in every point of its being.  At one point, my wife asked me, "Do you see this?  The Wisdom Disk?"  I replied, "Yes!  Do you see its singularity and the multiple worlds too?"  She gasped, "Oh!  Yes!"  Our minds had become one with its presence and we again merged into the deep resonance of its being.  

After hours of absorption into this Mystery, we gradually returned to our forms in the bed on planet Earth and compared notes.  We discovered that we were witnessing the same phenomenon simultaneously as it emerged into our inner world, which had become one.  We adopted my wife's name for this, "The Wisdom Disk."  Traditionally, this has been known as Sophia, Persephone, The World Soul, etc..  There was also an awareness that this greater Being moved in awareness of a superordinate reality, emanating from a single source, The One.  

The clarity and vividness of this level of visionary opening cannot be understated.  It makes our ordinary waking consciousness of this world of forms appear as but a pale shadow of Reality.  Once apprehended, however, its Presence is perceived as fully embodied in each atom of every world contained by Her Immensity.  After such an opening, one is never quite the same.  The Presence of this deeper awareness imbues each and every detail of our ordinary everyday reality with a numinous luminosity that shines through all experience.  Of course, all these words are but an attempt to point out something which can only be fully grasped when it has been revealed to one.  It is pure grace and good fortune that allows this to be so.  I wish everyone reading these words may be touched by this emergent awareness of the Goddess, who reveals the secret of who we really are.  For we are, indeed, Gods.

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