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Better than alcohol

I live in Cali.

I live in Cali. wth my dad. I was in Indiana visiting my mom for a few weks.
I decided to look up some old friends to see if they had any hook-ups for shrooms. (I had been craving some since I left home.)
I got ahold of an old friend, D and his brother, J. D said that he didn't trip anymore or moke herb, he just liked to drink because of his piss test for work.
J said that he knew where to get some fresh caps and some good weed, too if I wanted it.
So I went to his friends house and bout a quarter ounce of shrooms and a quarter ounce of weed.
J thought it would be better to smoke a spliff before we chewed the shrooms because he gets sick from the shrooms sometimes. I agreed and we rolled a nice big joint. After we got done smokin it we both had the munchies, so i suggested we put all the shrooms on a pizza (digiorno's is the best) and eat the pizza. We did this and he said it was the best way to eat shroms he had ever tried. About 10 minutes after we started eating the piza, D got home from work (we were at his house). We told him what we were doing and he was a little jealous i think. He said he was going to he liquor store to get some jim beam and he would be back. I don't know how long he was gone but when he got back me and J were both feeling the onset of the shrooms. I knew they were pretty good because J's youngest brother, B walked into the room and I just started laughing my ass off. I just noticed how he looked like an exact miniature of his older brothers and it struck me as pretty funny.
So anyway, D came back and he had a half gallon of jim beam (he's a heavy drinker.) He asked us if we wanted to go over to his friends house because he was having a party. I thought it would be cool, but i had to convince J to come with me because he was into it a little harder than I was at that point. So we all get in the car and drive ove there. The ride was awesome. It was twilight and driving past all the trees and little kids riding their bikes wa realy cool. So we get there and immedately D tears into the whiskey with a vengeance. He drank 5 or 6 shots in a row to "get the party started" as he put it. Me and J were just chillin' on the back porch, talking about the visuals and shit we were starting to get. I was getting some weird textures on the doors and the grass in the back yard looked like it had waves in it, like the ocean. J said that he felt like he was inside in the middle of the party because he could hear the sounds of the people inside all around him, echoing. After about an hour the liquor was all gone i suppose because people started leaving in a hurry. Eventually it was just me, J, D, the host of the party, and his girlfriend. I hadn't had a chance to speak wth the host, who was also an old acuaintance from high school. So we chatted for a while ( he later said the conversation was pretty one-sided, with him asking the questions and me just mumbling about grass and asking if he had any pink floyd cd's.) He asked me if I wanted to walk with him to a friend of his' house to get some weed that the guy owed him. I said okay and me, him and J went about 4 blocks acroos town to the guys house. He gave him the half ounce that he owed him an asked if we wanted to smoke out of his new hookah. It was one of the tall brass ones with 4 hoses. he hoses reminded me of little elephant trunks that blew out smoke. We chiled there for about half an hour and then decided to go back and chill. By this time most of my visuals were gone and J and I both felt very energetic. Whn we got back to the hosts house all the doors were locked. The host finally got the right key and opened the door to find D and his girlfriend on the couch half-naked. He totally lipped out. He started beating the shit out of D and screaming that he was onna kill him. He ran upstairs and came back down with a shotgun. Up to this pint all this had been pretty amusing for me and J, but when we saw the shotgun, I said "fuck this" and we both ran out to D's car. About 15 seconds later D came running out and puked all over the side of his car. He tried to insist that he was all right to drive but I took his keys and we got the hell out of there. The next day, J and I felt GREAT and D had a killer hangover and a black eye. We talked to the hosts sister later that day and found out that he was arrested for walking up and down the street with a shotgun in his hands screaming "Where the fuck are you!". So, the moral of the story is, don't fuck with alcohol and all that man-made shit cause you'll end up getting fucked over.

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