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1gram Willongong

First "trip" a little fear but overall great!

I wasn't sure about formatting but hopefully this is fine :)


Had my first harvest of Willongong so I thought I would share my first experience with mushrooms.


I don't want to dive into the deep end, but that is where I want to build up to.  Suffering from an Anxiety Disorder I was a bit concerned about taking these but all seemed fine.  I am also a regular/daily marijuana user for about 10 years now but never have taken anything else. 


Used my coffee grinder to make 1gram pretty grainy.  I didn't go to a powder as it sticks to my coffee grinder.  Mixed it up into a glass of fruit juice and down the hatch.  Got the remainder out of the glass with some water.

  • After about 15mins I could feel this "pit" in my stomach.  It wasn't really upset, just this feeling.  Almost like gas but I didn't have any.
  • 30 mins in I can start to feel flushed in the face and pretty giggly/happy.  Colors seem much brighter.  My television (watched a bit of Last Week Tonight) really had me drawn in.  It has never looked so clear.  Anytime someone spoke I *had* to stare at their mouths.  My wife was laughing at it.
  • 1 hour in, I went to the bathroom and was confronted with HUGE pupils in the mirror.  I have never seen my pupils so large.  No wonder everything was much brighter and full of color
  • 2 hours in, nothing much changed so I packed a bowl in my Arizer Q and vaped away
  • The weed took over any of the shrooms effects....or so I thought...
  • 3 hours in I got the munchies so I went into the kitchen.  The lights were like stars, major streaks of light.  I thought my glasses were dirty ;)  But the lights looked the same with or without them.
  • 3.5 hours in the "globs" or stuff in your eyes that float around became like little balls of rainbows - very cool.
  • 4 hours in I was feeling a bit bored and no further affects so I went to lay down for bed.
    • I tried to read my phone (reddit) for a bit, but the text was kind of moving or vibrating.  I did start to get a little anxious or paranoid...fear maybe?
    • Closing my eyes, that grainy blackness you see normally were like black and white kaleidoscopes.  This distracted me from my paranoia
    • I started to see a light out of the corner of my eyes, but it was still there when my eyes were closed
  • 4.5 hours in I decided to try hard to sleep so I started to practice some breathing exercises (go yoga!)
    • What was really odd is I kept hearing music.  Different types of music with my eyes closed...only to realize I could "hear" the music I thought of in my head.  Fantastic!
  • Sometime there after I feel asleep.  Did not have the worst sleep, but far from the best.  I couldn't remember any dreams but woke up feeling fine

Well for my first experience it was pretty cool.  I didn't like the fear/paranoia but the rest was awesome.  Going to wait a week or so and try 2 grams during the day with my chaperone wife :)

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