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My first liquid Ayahuasca journey

30G Caapi & Mimosa

After long days of researching and learning all I could about the journeys of the South American 'ayahuasca', I'd finally successfully brewed my own personal batch containing 30 grams each caapi & mimosa. I won't get into how I made it as there's plenty of teks to read up on. 

So my set was in an open field of brownish/orange reeds about waist high in the Everglades; this field stretched as far as the eye can see, quite a magnificent sight. I was alone in this as I'm not too much of a fan of having someone around me during my psychedelic experiences. I'd stomped down some of these reeds, making a flat area to lay a blanket in this sea of orange. My brew was in a small jar, maybe the amount of 1 & a half shots in alcohol terms. I chucked the shot down; now I had heard that aya has a harsh taste, but it took every inch of me to not spit this stuff back up almost instantly, the taste stayed in my mouth for a good 20 minutes.

Around thirty minutes I felt this heavy sensation in the bottom of my stomach, and over the course of the next five minutes it slowly rose till it was a knot in my throat. I knew what was about to happen so I stepped away from my place of peace to throw a few chunks. As soon as I started to vomit the drink HIT. ME. Like a freight train. I stood up and noticed an electric feeling pulsating through my body, the sea of brown and green was now vibrantly pulsating from its original color to neon oceans of magenta, yellow, no....red. my mind didn't want to settle on a single color and this along with this waviness of the reeds made me feel even more sick; I hurled once more and stagger back to my blanket.

As soon as I made it back I sat lotus position (as I've heard sitting up for the experience can lead to a lot more positive outcomes than laying on your back) and closed my eyes to try and meditate, once I closed my eyes I was met with the same field I was seeing with my eyes open, only it seems there were massive pillars with endless spiral staircase patterns rising up them. These pillars would fly towards me at great speeds only to turn into certain animals, beings, or otherworldly floral patterns and disappear as they went through my chest. A fluorescent being of feminine nature materialised in front of me clear as day, she seemed to be made of a light blue tracer-like energy. She held a limb out, ushering me to take it, and I did.

As soon as I took hold of this being she shot me through what I would call hyperspace, you know how it looks when they go hyper drove in star wars? That's exactly how it felt, I felt the force of moving at light speed, it almost hurt.

She says something to me along the lines of 'humans have a strong misinterpretation of what "god" truly is and she'd like to show me. Without saying anything, I blasted off through space again.

Slowly but surely I saw a wall of pure light and bliss grow closer and closer, larger and larger. The closer we got to this wall the more overwhelming it became, until we were right against it, o could feel it radiating through me, overtaking me, but it wasn't a bad thing. Once I decided to move just a bit further into this light the being uttered 4 words that seemed to echo louder than I've ever heard anything before, no festival speaker nor plane engine could match this volume. She told me, "now you will see" and disappeared, leaving me in this void of sensations and light. 

I don't know how I knew this, but this light was made of pure love and emotion, it wanted nothing from me but me to see and understand it, still I cannot put into words the sheer amount of love I felt from this light, and almost immediately I open my eyes and broke into tears. It was the most beautiful feeling I've ever experienced in my life and hope everyone gets the chance to see this. 

After this my trip stayed pretty steady, waves of rushing fractals, animals such as deer and owls made of tracers rushed by, another pillars seemed to come and go over the next hour. It seemed as if I could have 10 thoughts per second rushing through my head. Slowly the trip faded away (or my body became comfortable with the substance) and I was able to gather my belongings and stumble out of the woods, a changed person.

Anyways that was my first and only liquid aya experience to date, I've tried capsuled aya once as well, which was a completely different type of trip, but I won't go into that here. Thanks all who took the time to read this and I hope you can pull something from it, save travels!

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