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New Insights - a Low Dose level 3 Trip

1g ground lemon tek

I've posted a variety of reports at a variety of levels, and am kind of amazed at the large doses people take.  This week on a rainy night, I had a friend visiting who wanted to try shrooms.  I wasn't super into it but wanted to share the experience so he did 2g and I did 1.  Penis envy, ground up with lemon tek.  I expected a mild trip based on the low dose but it would up being really excellent, long, and super enjoyable.  What I learned the most is the higher doe is not better or stronger, just different.  Also, as I continue to do more shrooms and become more comfortable with them and how I experience them, and also abandon expectations and fears, the level of comfort really allows me to experience them on a deeper level.  As I trust in the experience and my ability to handle them, I enter the trip without worry, anxiety, preoccupation, etc. and it leads to some great growth.

This time we listened to Ray LaMontaigne and Nick Drake.  A really mellow vibe.  As usual I wanted to be on the ground.  I spent a good deal of time staring at a large portrait/painting of a Tibetan boy, and it morphed into many characters as I studied him.  It was very cool to see the layers in someone's face and I interpreted it as the boy's many lives.  We had a good conversation about our past friendship.  My friend became very talkative but instead of annoying me I decided to just listen, it wasn't interesting but I found it amusing and all 3 of us participated.  We had a long discussion about ghosts.  My husband and I stared out the window for a long time and just enjoyed each other's company.  As we came down we had a great discussion about the night and shared appreciation for one another.  The experience put us on a very similar wavelength and we felt very close.  (He had an out of body experience on 1g, I asked him to do a trip report!)

Not to repeat myself, but I found it really interesting how powerful this low dose was when entered with an open mind and where we didn't care about whether the dose would be strong enough to enjoy the trip.  I encourage people to experiment with all levels of dosing with the understanding that more is different, not better.  Thanks!

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