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4aco dmt

Wonderful but be careful

SWIM took 30 mg. Blew his head off in intensity on the come up. After that he doses with around 20 mg.

He had an interesting experience.

He uses psychedelics to ward off depression. When he feels the blackness moving in, he goes on a trip.

The other night he took 20 mg and went to sleep. He hoped to be bombarded with dreams. He fell asleep listening to Gorillaz. About three hours after he took the 20mg, he woke up and he was never so horny in his life. He was pure animal. It was wonderful.

Be careful with how you dose 4aco dmt. 20mg is really easy to deal with and the trip is great. 30 mg and the come up was the most intense ever. It terrified him.

As with all drugs take care. Always weigh carefully. Know what you are doing and why.

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