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Best trip yet- Subbs


Hello. I recently found that Panaeolus Subbalteatus
mushrooms grow in my area. After a visit to a spot that
has their habitat, I started finding them...in mass
amounts!! I picked a few wet ounces, and split roughly
2 wet ounces between myself and 2 friends, C and K.
We were sort of skeptical it would work for some
reason. The shrooms tasted and smelled like regular
store bought mushrooms. We ate them around 11:30
at night, in my woods, just when we finished building a
good fire.

We started feeling effects 15-25 minutes after
ingestion. The first effects were slight changes in visual
perception, accompanied by heaviness of the body. We
laid down on a tarp, and looked at the trees and stars.
Soon we could see objects in the holes in the canopy
where the sky was visible. C and K said they kept
seeing a part of the canopy that looked like Captain
Morgan and his parrot. We started seeing great trails, a
ciggarette K held over us was trailing well. The music
was great, we had in some Allman Brothers. I closed
my eyes after a while of seeing shapes in the canopy
and staring at the stars. Awesome patterns danced
through my closed-eye vision. Rainbow sprials and
infinite circles and other patterns were there too.
Around 12:45, we decided to leave my woods, and go
out into the field to look at the stars. It was a hot, humid
night. The field had lots of mist in it, and when we got
out in it...we were in awe. It was so beautiful, the mist,
and the sky, and the horizon. Trees on the edge of a hill
were silhoutted against a deep red and bluish light. At
one point I exclaimed "Holy shit! It looks like an African
Savannah!!" The stars were awesome that night. All the
while I had patterns all throughout my field of vision,
bands of beautifully intricate colors and other
indescribable hallucinations. We decided to head into
town. My friend K had overwhelming energy, and we all
felt like we could walk to Canada. When we got to the
street, I started getting freaked out because I was
worried we would run into older people I knew and they
would observe us acting very strangely. Walking on the
road seemed quite strange, it felt like we were in a
video game. I wanted to get somewhere secluded,
where we could act however we wanted without
someone seeing us and wondering why. I decided we
should head to the Town Park, and play on the
playground and swings and stuff. On the way, we were
sort of worried, and we could focus or follow a train of
thought well enough to figure out why. By this time, we
were completely zonked out of our gourds. We were
amazed that it was all for free. We kept laughing about
it. We saw a Coca-Cola machine, and decided to buy
drinks. The machine looked very very strange, it rippled
and breathed, and the colors were intense and
seemed to jump off of the machine. I got a Powerade.
We sat down for a second(except K, he said "Fuck that,
I can't sit down, I'll bug out" he was pacing a thousand
miles an hour.) So we finally got to the town park, and
as we entered, I saw something move in the distance. I
had to freeze, and concentrate as hard as possible to
come to the conclusion that they were people, because
they were melting into a fence and looked strange. This
was around 1:30. C and K thought they knew the
people, and yelled out a name, and it turned out it was
someone totally different. Haha. We played around in
the park for a while, swung on the swings(which was
awesome, we felt like gravity had a strong pull on us)
The fireflies looked like yellow-green luminescent
streaks of fire. The stars were amazing, and covered
with awesome mandalas, rainbow patterns and it
seemed...well, just plain divine. I had never had such
awesome hallucinations, and I enjoyed it alot. We hung
out at the park, peaking our brains out. C and K thought
they'd never come down(it was their second trip)
Around 3:30 we decided to head home and attempt to
sleep. I was really worried, because if we had to talk to
anyone, we wouldn't have been able to, it seemed like
too much to answer simple questions. I could barely
speak. Our peak started to wear off, and we still had
some energy. We decided to go past my house to a
Stewarts store. Its 3:50 am, and there are like 10
people there!!! It was weird. We didn't realize how hard
we were still tripping until we walked inside. We were
very confused, and sort of stood there laughing
uncontrollably. the people looked pretty weird, and the
walls were breathing, while all the food items were
growing moss and changing. I chose to buy some
Nerds candy because the box looked very trippy. C and I
laughed a whole lot when we left the store, because we
thought we'd been alright to talk to people, but we were
still zonked outta our gourds. We finally headed home,
still tripping pretty strongly. I found it very hard to sleep,
although my body was very tired. This is when I had the
best experience. My bed felt like it was flowing, and I
was floating on the waves that were the mattress. I was
having strong closed eye visuals, and when I looked at
my ceiling, there were green and blue triangular
hallucinations melting and moving across it. I finally fell
asleep around 6, and woke up around 9!! That part

Overall, this was my most intense and colorful, visual
trip yet. I'd tripped about 7 times prior to this trip, not
including acid trips. I'm glad I found these Pan. Subbs
because they give awesome trips!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to
eat whats drying right now! :D Thanks for reading.

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