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First and Second Trips

2.5 grams first time disappointed

First time I tripped was a few days ago on 2.5 grams. They didn't kick in until an hour and a half went by. I didn't start laughing or even get mildly happy, Instead my mood was more angry for some reason, I was pretty unhappy because I felt I should've been feeling more of an effect from the shrooms. But eventually after another hour went by I started seeing some geometric patterns on the walls and was able to intensify the visuals by focusing my brain more. I experienced the visuals with a small body high for about 2 hours on and off until the shrooms started to wear off and I went to sleep.
Second time I took shrooms was about 2 grams worth just yesterday. Again it took about an hour and a half to start kicking in but this time I got a much more intense body high and I couldn't stop laughing. My friend drove me to mcdonalds drive through and when I started trying to eat my food I couldn't stop laughing which resulted in a half failed attempt to eat my cheeseburger cause I got ketchup all over me. It was like I took a step deeper into my head than I normally was throughout the day and my consciousness was just chillin there chuckling at the thoughts about me going about my day to day. Walking around and even just being made me feel like I was just some "space cadet" roaming about in my human body in the vast space of the world, which also made me laugh. This time the shrooms lasted for about 8 hours until I finally fell asleep at 8 am.

Now I'm planning on my third trip which will be 6 dried grams. I'm hoping to have an out of body experience but I don't know how I'm going to react to that many shrooms. Any suggestions on making sure I stay safe? Like, should I get a trip sitter and would I be better off doing it at night or during the day? Also, would i more likely feel safer outside in the woods with a tent or inside a house?

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