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The strongest weed I've ever had

Insanity to insight

Firstly feel free to read my mushroom trip report from a few years ago https://www.shroomery.org/12834/50-Liberty-caps-one-unpleasant-trip
This experience was about 2 months ago.

For a week before smoking, my friend A was telling me about this very potent weed he got from a new dealer. He described it as "frosty". It looked like normal bud to me. We agreed a Friday night would be a good time for both of us to chill. I'm not a regular cannabis smoker but I have smoked around 10 times before. 

We decided to go and walk around town to smoke - get blazed and watch the people and nightlife of the town. We decided to light up, one joint each, in the local cemetery for no real reason. I found the location rather humorous in how poor the choice was. I ensured I held the smoke in for as long as I can with each hit.

I'm soon towards the end of the joint where I asked A, "you feeling anything yet?". We both agreed that nothing is really kicking in yet for the amount we smoked. As we leave the cemetery and we took our last hit; the mind alteration flowed through. I've never taken any psychoactive substance in public before and I started feeling anxious. 

Normally with cannabis I have very chatty thoughts - each part of my psyche communicating to eachother. This time there were not many thoughts. Instead I experienced a clouded mind - slight delerium and disorientation. 

I told A, "let's walk  back to my apartment". He agreed. 

We both swiftly realised that we had no idea where we are going even if we might think we know. As we walked around I was experiencing intense spatial distortion, the pavement appeared like it was less than 15cm/6inches wide. I keep clinging to the side of the pavement trying to not walk in the road. Everything took on a very curved appearance - like the image of a fish eye camera. 

We both were very high but we determined that between the both of us I was more out of it; A will be directing us back with his phone.  There were times where A was talking to me and I simply couldn't hear him for a good 30 seconds to a minute where I would lose awareness to everything. We were struggling immensely with communicating with each other. We found the most efficient form of communication was tapping eachother. 

We were getting close to my apartment. I couldn't wait. When I saw the gate to where the apartments are, it was reminiscent to the gate in the game "World of Warcraft - burning crusade". We passed a couple in their mid ages where the lady remarked "they are so f**king stoned".

My mood greatly improved when we entered my apartment. My friend just wanted to eat all my food, especially my maple-oat and peacan cereal. It  was here where the surprising psychadelic effects were most notable.

I recall that I was pacing around in my room. With each step that I took was like playing a piece in Tetris. Each step or "move" had a distinctive colour associated to it. I remember washing my hands in the bathroom. The warmth was bliss. While the tap was running I zoned out and my head was swirling. I had a closed eyed visual of a black with streaks of purple and orange elispoidal void. When I finished washing my hands I told my friend, "I found The Portal". 

I sat in my bed for the rest of the experience as it gave me most comfort. As I got warm the lights seemed to get much brighter and softer as if the sun was peering through the window. I even looked at the window to see if the sun was out - which was nonsense as if was past midnight at this point. If I got cold the room would appear less bright. The brightness of the room varied with how I was feeling. 

The closed eyes visuals were very intricate. They had a rich cartoony and blocky appearance; swirling fractals of miniature coloured squares. I looked across the room and analysed the wooden panels on the wall. The knots in the wood became a rift between my reality and the cartoon reality. Multiple curious eyes of faces were looking at me through the rifts. One entity was a samurai; another a cat-like creature with pointy arrow-like ears.

I experienced a surprising degree of ego-softening, although I do get this with cannabis normally. I was still in bed, eyes closed, questioning the grounds of all my existential views. Questioning the nature of the modes of which I think. Whenever I thought I was content that I had firm knowledge, I would soon realise that this too could be questioned. Whenever this occured an image of a smiling girl with black hair and complete blackness filling her eye sockets would direct me to the next level of the game. The game being questioning my existence. She is the girl from the same mushroom trip that I know from the mushroom trip (linked above).

As I ate some apples and the time went by, the experience began to mellow out. I slept very easily.

I was convinced during the "trip" that the weed was laced. I do not believe this to be the case now - just very good weed. I call it a trip but it is absolutely nothing compared to the mushroom that completely shatters everything. It was intense but perhaps I ought not to compare it to mushrooms. 

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