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3 bars+6 joints+2 redbulls=confused mind

XRW Xans, Redbull, Weed

This is my first post enjoy! Around 11 i took  a bar of green goblin xanies...i feel the effects 10 minutes after I had a almost full stomach. IT is hard t explain the effects of xans sometimes you forget you took them then you realize you are staring at your and for 5 mins wondering why your order of a Mcflurry is not ready then you realize you never ordered. Thirty minutes later i smoke 4 joints at this point i am sedated beyond belief  and  I think... Shit... weed and xans Is  gonna make me  crash in 30 minutes so i buy 2 red bulls chug them and walk an hour home. That walk was a magical thing i felt so smart figuring out what i need to do this week and planned it all out and I did great... At this point  I am walking down the sidewalk constantly swaying in my walking but I cannot really help it. i get to the top of  hill with a wonderful view of my town and stood there for ten minutes but it felt like maybe 1 or 2 minutes. Finally make it home and i take another xan and snort the other  wait 10 mins a and smoke 2 more joints . Currently in a locked position in my bed just listening to some music Purple Haze by Jimi Hendrix at the moment.  Mentally in my mind i could run a marathon but my body is not cooperating with me and  i m stuck in this position. I could run a marathon i swear i have the mindset. my mind is just in a wonderful place right now, I am calling it  XRW (Xanax, red bull, weed) highly recommend this at party or alone you can get lost in your thoughts if you are alone and trust me it ain't easy to keep track of time its been 3 hours since 11 and it felt like 30 mins max. . 1 hour later roughly  after the other two bars i am feeling quiet tired I t is # AM  gonna go to sleep and update morning after!

Just woke up  at 3 PM legs feel sore from the walking i did yesterday a little dehydrated but other than that i feel great. i would 100% recommend this to people it felt amazing and i slept like a baby. No crazy effects like when I drank with xans and woke up in a Bobcat construction machine... Hoped you all had a great read thanks for checking it out! feel free to ask questions below!

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