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25g Golden Teacher Fresh

Best Sci-Fi experience ever

Hey all,

So I thought I should share my recent trip with you guys, now before I get to the details I must quickly explain that I am a dreamer, I dream about 4 separate stories every night and have long running dreams that have stretched over 25+ years, I even have some that seem to come true and this is why I've started this path, I aim to unlock this ability by accessing my inner self that allows me to 'see through' time, or at the very least learn as to why it happens.

Two nights before I had this trip I had another re-occurring dream that always shows me in a different life on another planet where we had really advanced technology, this ended bad  where some kind of inter-galactic incident happened and I seen multiple comets hit the planet but at the end just before we got wiped out I spotted some of our own drones killing us, "it wasn't an accident" I thought, just before waking up I remember seeing a ship I have seen in hundreds of other dreams, it was destroyed, I felt massive disappointment then woke up.

This bugged me for about two days as the ship at the end I have dreamed about my whole life and after about 35 years of dreaming it was now destroyed.

So I went into this trip with that dream on my mind....

25g Fresh Golden Teacher, chopped up and served with chopped grapes (helps a bit with the mundane taste of the shrooms).

I put star wars The Force Awakens on netflix and just began munching with my spoon, I was looking forward to a certain 'trippy' scene while tripping, after about 20/30 minutes the words of the actors started becoming less direct,  it felt as if the film wasn't being played for me but I was in fact still watching, at this point I had the tingly feeling of the mushrooms that I have grown to love, it was beginning and I felt good to be heading towards my first proper shroom trip, after about an hour my visuals were definitely altering my perspective, I think the trippy bit in the film came up but it wasn't trippy at all, in fact everything around the screen was quite trippy but the screen seemed normal, about another half hour later and the film had to go off, the thoughts in my head starting spiralling towards that dream I had, I panicked at the though of this but then I embraced it and let my mind wonder..

I instantly starting thinking about the ending to that dream, had something wiped those people out, was it my ancestors ?    No answers came up, I was just pondering, I did however notice red vines entangling themselves around my arms constantly, I really had to rub the eyes but they were still there, wrapping themselves around my arms, it wasn't scary and I actually enjoyed it, I suddenly thought about what if these dreams are my ancestors and that their enemy is my enemy, if they wiped them out will they come for us?   I started giving myself the fear with this thought, and a few times I genuinely thought I was connecting with another being, or something from the past, it was so powerful that I ended up crouching down to avoid thinking about it, at one point I remember looking down to my chest and for a brief moment I was female and had long hair, I felt like I was arguing with another being about putting her eggs on my planet, then as quick as I turned my head I was back to normal, I tried to go back to that thought but it had passed, I was still amazed at the red vines around my arms, they were enchanting, I must of been staring at them watching the vines for quite some time, I remember my monitor going of just as I thought about who had killed those people from the dream, it felt almost perpetual, but was merely coincidental, however my mind wandered to a crypt, and I truly felt like I was there, a crypt of all the species killed by this one race that had also attacked my ancestors in my dream, it was horrible but visually pleasing.  

As the trip wore off, I kept checking my hands for the vines, man were they cool, and wow did I like annoy something that killed my ancestors?  Or was I merely opening up my own dreams?  Answers for that will be found another day.

Conclusion: Make sure you can handle what's on your mind before you trip!!  One of the best things I have ever done, I have finally found a way to access my deeper memories naturally. and I will keep doing so until I am fulfilled.

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