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Dehumanization through retribution...

King Tut, The Mother of God, and all that is Holy.

Lets preface this a little bit: 
SWIM has extended experience with Psychedelics but in recent years has not used them nearly as often as in past years.
SWIM has taken up to 56 grams of wet cubensis at a time before, so this is from a relatively small dosage for SWIM.

To begin the day SWIM took a trip to a city 20 miles away to pick up his girlfriend. She made SWIM an egg sandwich that he added 1/8th of cubensis a friend had given him to (probably not the best combination). SWIM proceeds to head back towards SWIM's house when he needs gas at about 22 miles from home, SWIM fills up gas and takes one tab of some L. SWIM continues to drive home, feeling the oncoming of something huge within just a few minutes back on the road. "Palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy" is a realistic description of this situation. As home was approached these feelings continued to intensify. Finally 1/2 mile from home, just one more left turn at a major intersection and SWIM is in the neighborhood. What's that from the left and right of SWIM's vision coming across the whole intersection, SWIM's whole vision, that's the beginning of the acid, and what's that from the top and bottom coming across the whole intersection, SWIM's whole vision, that's the beginning of the mushrooms. It's fair to say at this point SWIM could distinctly tell the difference in hallucination. The two substances continued to creep closer upon SWIM as he continued to drive home. Finally SWIM makes it home, and enjoys the freedom of not having to drive anymore, the pressure is gone, but the trip has only just begun. 

A bit into this trip after listening to lots of old music SWIM had made for these very moments SWIM was found staring into the mirror, reckoning all of the past, regretting all mistakes, paying for all sins. SWIM begins to descend out of this reality and into a never ending room of emptiness. All that is in the room is the figure of King Tut (representing what SWIM believes to be an extremely powerful example of a man), the presence of the Mother of God and SWIM. These things to me made up all that is holy. By the Mother of God, SWIM was referring more to the being sometimes known as Mother Ayahuasca, and in SWIM's experience the same being SWIM has encountered with slightly different traits on Salvia and DMT.

The whipping begins. SWIM feels his sins being cast upon him. Whipped to the back like Jesus Christ on the cross. In what feels to SWIM like a public stoning or execution in front of all life in the universe (being represented by the Mother of God). This is a public shaming to SWIM, this is one of the worst things that is imaginable for SWIM. SWIM has experienced these feelings before, but never in the hallucination of being done by another being to SWIM. SWIM in the past has crucified himself and felt for all the sins that himself and the rest of mankind has ever committed without hesitation, but to physically see the punisher and not just feel the pain of the punishment was new for SWIM. King Tut represented to SWIM power, strength, courage, and overall the ultimate man and SWIM put himself to comparison with the one who became king of the known world at 14 years old. In this comparison SWIM felt all of SWIM's faults and flaws, all mistakes put through a timelapse, all pains ever felt re-imagined. SWIM became reborn, SWIM felt the death of an ego yet again in his life. For most of this time SWIM has completely lost touch with reality and the physical world, therefor is scaring SWIM's girlfriend a decent bit. Worried for SWIM, her talking probably led to SWIM leaving this realm and returning to reality.

During all of this commotion, when SWIM began to fall back into reality about an hour in, and started to see himself again in the mirror, not the hallucinations. SWIM began to see himself for what he was, a scounge, a leach on this Earth, living amongst all of the other leaches of society in a fucked up world with what seemed to have no hope for the normies. SWIM learned from this experience about the importance of the environment around SWIM and the unimportance of all people in comparison. This helped SWIM grow into the person that would one day become at balance with himself and nature, his life and society.

SWIM continued to trip for many hours but was no longer in a level 5 trip. Although this wasn't SWIM's most intense level 5 trip ever, it met all the criteria of a level 5 with a very, very small dose. And that is why it is relevant. SWIM has found that with the years of Psychedelic use, SWIM can do much less of any psychedelic and feel it much more now than at a younger age. Hopefully the next level 5 SWIM has will be more enjoyable. But don't take these words as SWIM did not enjoy this. SWIM enjoyed this very much, SWIM loves to know the truth, no matter how much it hurts. And any experience guided by the Mother of God is welcomed by SWIM. 

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