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First Trip

Not what i expected

I had my first trip yesterday. It did not go as expected. 

I was supervised, in bed with music playing. I came in with a very excited and positive, albeit anxious attitude. Im 6 foot and weigh 190 pounds. I took roughly 2.3 grams. However, my food situation of the day was questionable. 2 eggs at 7 am, and a whole lot of pizza breadsticks and cinnamon sticks at 4. I took The shrooms with a bite of a turkey swiss sandwich. 

I only saw one considerable morphing visual. The rest of the evening consisted of strange feelings, and a strange demeanor. The lighting was somewhat captivating at times. I ended up driving home and that was very interesting. I felt like I was floating the whole time going 60 mph on the highway. 

So I took the shrooms roughly around 6 and stopped feeling it around 12:30. 

Any advice or criticisms that I can learn from? Anything Would be appreciated. I'd love to see more visuals next time. 

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