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Best trip so far...

It was Saturday, and my girlfriend was leaving for the day.

It was Saturday, and my girlfriend was leaving for the day. I had been planning the shroom trip for a few weeks, ever since a TERRIBLE trip last month. I invited a friend over who also planned on taking the same amount I was. I took about 5gm on my terrible trip so I decided to scale back a bit just to be on the safe side. At 3:00 we both took 3gm GHB, and about 10 minutes later when the effects began to kick in we each took 3gm of dried shroom powder mixed in OJ. Then the waiting... At about 4, things were really starting to take off. I have lots of wooden surfaces in my kitchen, and they all looked so indescribabely beautiful. The grain was flowing like water, and had incredible depth. I felt like I could stick my hand in it. The visuals kept ramping up and soon everything was moving. The kitchen floor tiles also looked like a clear stream flowing under our feet. I almost cried from the beauty of it all, and I would of if I wasn't laughing so goddamn hard. At 4:30 we decided to go into my "trip room". Another friend was renting a room in my house and recently moved out. I wasted no time converting his room into a place of relaxation where I could indulge in any substance without interruption from light or outside sound. The walls are sponge painted purple, green, and blue. Blacklights abound. I put a few comfortable couches in there, a stereo, and a nice rug. Me and my tripping partner both felt a strange sensation of entering another world upon entry into the trip room. I had a CD of a bunch of 60s and 70s druggie bands ready for the occasion but when I started to play it it all seemed so cheesy. Instead I put on a Dave Ralph cd and that was perfect. It was really dark in the room, and closed eye visuals appeared even with open eyes if that makes any sense. Organic patterns formed in the air on top of everything. They moved and danced to the music, and I was a lucky spectator being treated to an other worldly show being produced by my mind. I never felt so much euphoria from shrooms. After a really long half hour, we decided to eat some ben and jerry's ice cream I had left over from a bbq party. This is where things really took off. Those of you who've tripped before know there are unexplainable things that can send your trip into the pits of hell or the skys of heaven. The ice cream did the latter. Every bite brought bright beautiful rainbows in my field of vision no matter what I was looking at. This was the middle of the day, with bright sunlight in the room. I could see the taste of the ice cream and I don't think I've ever been so happy. From that point the rest of the trip was one long smile. My face hurt so much from laughing. Things I remember from this trip were: never to trip around people who aren't taking a dose close to what you're taking, let the shrooms take over instead of trying to stay in control,and if you don't switch to the shroom reality voluntarily while under their influence, they will force you into their reality. This happened to me last month, and it was the scariest experience of my life. I'll always respect and enjoy the incredible power of the magic mushroom.

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