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Life is in the moment

Level 5

This is a trip from a few years ago that still resonates with me for many reasons. Two years ago a incredible man my best friend fell to an unfortunate illness and ended up dying as a result, god bless his soul for all the love he shared and the kindness that he spread. We were incredibly connected though thoughts and likes and feel so blessed I had the time to get to know him and share some incredible experiences. The following trip was one with him and one of my favourite memories of our mind travels together.

After a experience on a research chemical AMT are minds where blown with the perspective on how the mind manifests, so our attention turn to psilocybin, both of us have used them before but in weak doses. The setting was in my home at the time with laser pens and bubbles as a fun factor, we were both in a very relaxed state due to one of our favourite pastimes etizolam (though we read up this could dull the trip somewhat, well it did and didn't). After a few joints and some good music it was time. 

I had 7g of mushroom which was split in half so 3.5g each. I prepared them by boiling water with lemon juice, letting the water cool slightly and then added the mushroom to steep. I used quite a bit of lemon juice and the drink actually turned my face inside out and by the look on my friend face he also notice how sour the drink was, live and learn

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