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Best Thing Of My Life

THIS IS LONG BUT GOOD Me and my friend had really wanted to try shrooms for a long time, then finally a friend of mine had got them for us.

Me and my friend had really wanted to try shrooms for a long time, then finally a friend of mine had got them for us. Me and Bri (the friend that was trippy w/ me) decided to go to her house and do them while her mom was at work. we did them in the morning. we grinded them up in a coffee grinder then put them into yogurt (a very good idea). we eat them in the yogurt and didn't even taste the shrooms.

another friend of mine who had tripped a few times before had made us a CD of trippy music. me and Bari decided to wait for about a half hour to put the music on. we sat on the floor and waited for them to kick in.

after about 15 minutes we both felt a little buzz, it was like I'd had a few hits of weed. then ten minutes later i felt like I'd smoked 20 bowls. everything was moving close to me then moving back. Bri and i we're trying to tell each other what was happening but too much was going on and every time we tried to speak something new would happen.

we put on the CD and that made things even crazier. we were lying on the floor by the CD player and looking at her ceiling. then all of a sudden it started rolling. and i could see rainbows on it an Indian man formed on the ceiling (he was green) i was wondering what was gonna happen next when out of the conner of my eye i saw pink, blue, and green flowers. they were moving across the ceiling.

by this point i had completely forgotten about time. words like tomorrow, today, noon all meant nothing to me. i got up to get a glass of water, when i got up a could barley stand. i felt like i was melting into the ground.

thankfully her house is small and the sink was close cuz i couldn't walk well at all. i turned on the water faucet and the water that come out was purple. i put my hands in it to rinse them off and it was the best feeling ever. it was cold but made me feel alive and connected to nature. i wanted to feel more of it so i put my whole arm in the water. then i heard this laughing far away, i thought i was crazy then looked over at bri and she was laughing at me.
"why are u bathing in my sink" she said.
i really couldn't explain it to her so i just when back and sat on the couch. she sat down to and began talking to me. i don't really remember what she was saying but behind her i saw rainbow turkey feathers.

then i closed my eyes and got envloped in the trip. it's wayy to hard to explain the rest of my trip but just know it was good. i hope u liked this.

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