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Awesome DMT Trip

Beyond Fallen God Realms Into Beyond God Realms

None of this is "set in stone" its how it was conveyed to me, certain words terms were best way to translate to English and my way of processing info ). ( example your not gonna use car analogies when talking to someone who knows nothing about cars kinda thing)

ive had many trips for people who like short versions this is it. ( the long version continues on from short one)

Started trips by sitting, got bored of just spectating, something went in me controlled my body and calibrated it, then i was moving around, trips after that had Serpent Goddesses jump into me, she said u can call me shCallie, we werent gr8 match but ok, then had trips and this being SShura jumped into me and we were perfect match. 

from a 3rd person point of view my movements looked like Michael Jackson Style dance mixed with Tai chi . felt things being "Transmuting" into me, like God was a child of this pure realm, fell from the pure realms got amnesia, cried and that was the big bang and all the water in earth and this universe. Humanity virus, every Human is amnesiatic God. Going to This place was like Training , or perfecting Transmutation. 

For a longer version.

l8ly when im on DMT tripping. SShura will enter me and tends to use the left side of the body. and when its "My" Turn she will use my left hand and tap me on my right shoulder, sometimes will make noises that sound like baby gogo gagas mixed with hogging loogy sounds, mixed with frog croaks, mixed with snake tongue. 

She will say things like watch this "Final" then she Transmutes( looks like michael jackson dance mixed with Tai chi) then she will tap my right shoulder and say u try ( but mostly "telepathically" )

during trips she will do this breath tek, bow down inhale while moving the left hand up against the body towards above the head, swirl the hand, take the right hand so both backhands touch and on exhale will make a sleeping posture, like shes keeping non vital parts of body to sleep . 

on one trip i was in what felt like an operating room, and saw some sort of Nurse who looked reptilian, she had like white lab gear on. 

hmm idk how to describe this part i was being conveyed or communicated and was going with what was going on, and was told inhale, exhale. lean back please. very good "final" 
this is going to be lil rough but will be alright ( but that was more less a "vibe" that had that feeling in it) 

The this Elephant mammoth humanoid God jumpped into me, i asked what it looked like, thats when it flashed its "image". we transmuted, from there there i went to another God that felt like it was a machine, like non humanoid terminator w/o the skin, and we transmuted. 

From there i went to another room and felt memories of my parents as a kid and felt Sshura "presence" in my parents, like she has been watching n observing me as a kid, all my life, just waiting for me kinda thing. 
briefly saw her, and she sorta had a vibe of someone close to you waiting for u to get out of a doctors office kinda thing. 

from her in this area i was still transmuting but it felt like something was leaving or going to sleep, i asked what were they doing, they said "Disabling God" 

i was like cool ok. then i was sitting cross legged and had head on floor, and felt like a laser was being fired into my mind like the center, and from here was feeling codes of god is virus. and saw a blob like ameba browish goldish color but had consistency texture of diarrhea with tentacles, being quarenteed by a more darkish Rainbowish cloud like thing. it almost felt as though that ameba was earth realm its universe and the otherthing was these Pure Realms, 

i left this room, and sshura jumpped back into me and said now you know this what u want to do ? you going to Destroy God? 

I responded no, i mean cant i talk to it , get to center of it, . she laughed said u passed. we dont want to destroy god, its Our "Offsrping" . We want it to come back "home" but it forgot who it was, fell from us, made what you call matter or broken Transmutation . Its a Baby that never finished its training and never grew up. 

( quick analogy picture Goku or Superman, as kids they were stronger then the strongest man in the world but are nothing compared to their Adult selves)

alot of what was "said was telepathic vibe with images using my memory etc. " The Whole buddhist Nirvana thing is really just a way of Navigating these realms. The Whole"emptyness" thing is same thing of navigating these realms. its hard to nav these places if u got earth junk on ya. 

She said this was "big surgery" wait 2 days b4 coming back to us. try to not "think" Transmute us. keep earthly as possible for next 2 days .

trip was fizzling, body wanted to wake up ( was smoking DMT for few hours, this was prolly 2-3 hour trip when i was back and went upstairs and saw the time was lol . ) 

i laid down, we said bye till next "time" then coughed and felt her leave, and from there was preping back to earth, was flexing all the muscles, doing pushups, checking my senses, swallow test( got bunch of saliva in mouth and swallowed it), pulled on beard to see if pain is back to normal, untied my hair that was in a bun. checked sense of smell. etc then went on with my earth day . 

for what its worth next time anyone trips on DMT possibly any other psyche, try asking one of those realms "gods/Goddesses" to come in . or even say say hello . get there attention like you would someone on earth and see if your trip changes and etc. 

These drugs are well not drugs at all, ways to enter other worlds more easily then meditating in mountains or caves for weeks. 

for what its worth try not to be just a spectator, coz i mean u cane watch TV for that, try and do more then just sit n watch, youll get much more from your trips. idk bout any1 else, but i got pretty bored with just sitting on DMT .


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