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Microdose dmt trip

Didn't even expect to be smoking dmt this soon. Lol

Before smoking-
On Saturday I was having friends over for a shroom trip, and I only had about 5 grams of psyilociben, so we decided to head over to my plugs house to pick some up. So I texted my guy and told him I'm heading over to pick up shrooms. We get to his house and head to his basement, in there are him, his younger brother and their friend. They had about $700 in coke and some ectasy, he asked me how much shrooms I needed and I told him a half(half o). His brother runs up stairs and brings down a half pound and throws it at me, at this point I was so confused haha. The older brother told him I wanted a half o so he scaled it out perfectly and I paid him. Then there friend walks up asking if my friend and I wanted to dab some wax and I told him I couldn't(for personal reasons). My friend was definely down to dab but then he told us it was dmt. I know quite a bit about dmt, more than any of my friends do(I'm more into psychedelics than they are, my friend never heard of dmt before lol) and I was like" No fuckin way that it crazy I always wanted to try some" my guy asked if we wanted to try some for free and my friend was like" sure" not even knowing about it. he loaded up a small amount of dmt wax, in guessing only 10mg or something, fired up the torch, and let my friend rip it. He held it in for 6 seconds or so and started tripping. I couldn't believe he did it before me so I was like "fuck it". I took maybe a little more than he did, hit it and held it in as long as I could.

The "trip"

The guy told me I would probably want to sit down. Looking around for somewhere to sit, holding in that harsh smoke, I notice my body feeling heavy and start vibrating, I sat on the chair he got me and shit got crazy. All the tapestrys started moving , walls and furniture started zooming in and out. All these geometrical patterns started forming on everything and moved smoothly across the edges of furniture. I felt my legs get worn and I thought I pissedy self but thankfully I didn't. My plug started talking to my friend and I and I heard 3 of his voices echoing at once. I never heard anything so trippy before. I don't remember much more of the experience, definetly didn't break through or reach "the waiting room" but it was definetly a great experience and next time I'm wanting to try to break through. I told them thanks for the trip and shrooms and we left their house to go home.

Thanks for reading everybody, I will post my next dmt trip if I decide to do it next weekend, if not it will be soon.
I'm shroomin all the time and I might dose maybe 5grams lemon tekked soon too.

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