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Wild Dagga Extract

dagga through the heart

I ordered one gram of "wild dagga" 25x extract. I broke off a small piece about 3mmx5mm rectangle.

I proceeded to put it into a clean, brand new freebase pipe. I lit the bottom of the pipe and waited for it to vaporize. I took a steamroll hit of the vapor and held it in for 5 seconds, then exhaled for 10 seconds.

I immediately felt an odd pressure behind my eyes, and a sort of sickness in my stomach. My limbs felt like jelly. I sat at the bus bench and closed my eyes, all I felt was a soft pulsing icey-hot feeling in my body, it felt like I was close to cumming. It came from my extremities and radiated to my core. I yawned and it felt really really good. The nausea is not overpowering. The mental stone is very clear headed- but it does dumb you down a bit. The only visual effect I got was a difficulty focusing my depth of field. It lasts about a half hour give or take ten mins.

I don't like it that much but I could see smoking it with cannabis or possibly smoking some and then cuddling with a soft girl.

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