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Going through the process of death

I Took about 2 grams of shrooms but these were highly concetrated and most potent of shrooms i've taken! (And i've taken 3.5 before)
I was in a open parking lot where my friend and I was free to "trip out" he and I became thinking beyond our animal instincts unto a higher conscious and craved water.. so much water most of the trip walking back and forth refilling a cup from Burger King I believe; as we referred to as the "cup of life".  After noticing we were beginning (2 hours later) to trip harder he noticed I was leaning on the car and called me out on " Being Limbo" and To be honest I did feel that way like a grey-ish vision, I felt a weird stomach sensation (duh shrooms are a mild poision) adjusting to the stomach pain as i've shroomed before but I was passively observing my friend talk and how our "true selves" is resided on the upper back of the brain which we both felt to be true. 

As I was leaning against the trunk of the car I felt a new level of pain descend. I immediately went into the driver seat and my friend hopped into the passenger. I soon begin to the crawl into feeble position and all the while still craving water so I drank whatever was left. Shortly I closed my eyes and the pain began to intensify! My brain began to shut down and I can ACTUALLY VISUALIZE the pain (LIKE A LINE from the math classes COLORED BLOOD-RED) stretching out branches of pain and I could also VISUALIZE my spirit ( A BLUE SPIRILING TORNADO) guiding it's way down my intenstents. I NEVER in my life felt this pain before and in a strange way it was as if I FELT LIKE I WAS DYING AND ALSO GIVING BIRTH AT THE SAME TIME. The pain had gotten to the point where I accepted Death and I was begging to die as my Spirit was passing through my intestents I could see inside my body shutting down and nothing but emptiness above my waist. Now at the bridge of death I literally had 3 choices to make at that moment: 1. Say goodbye to my friend, 2. Call the ambulance and tell em whats really goin on, or 3. take a xanax pill. I didn't do either. I in fact, had "final" thoughts which is "Wow Calix, this is how it all ends.. in a car, in a parking lot. You're gonna shit yourself (as when people die do) and my spirit was going to leave my asshole." JUST ON THE BRINK OF SHITTING MYSELF A VOICE CAME FROM ABOVE MY BRAIN. This voice told me "Calix, now is it not your time to die." So I held unto my shit and the pain passed from one second to the next.

Post experience: My body began to revive and I sobered up immediately. Then my Mum calls me saying she felt a weird vibe and this was no coincidence. From I learned throughout this whole experience is I am able to endure pain and live because what doesn't kkill you makes you stronger (despite I was ready to die and I was 21 at the time) & I have a destiny/purpose/mission to be completed on this precious time we have on earth. It also made me less materalistic being so close to death made me realize we take none of our worldly possessions to the after-life.

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