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Best Thing Ever (first time)

As I write this I am still midly tripping out.

As I write this I am still midly tripping out.

Me and my friend had finally been able to get some shrooms (in this story my friend's name is F). We were really happy because we had been trying to get 'em for like 3 months. Anyways we arranged the whole deal perfectly. My parents were leaving for some kind of dinner party and my friend was sleeping over. When my parents left we prepared (which is a very good thing to do). We got out drinks (no Vitamine C, it kills your high) and some chips and we made a burrito each. We then went back to my room and sat on the bed.
When I put it in my mouth (tastes like ass) I nearly threw up. We waited about 5 minutes but nothing was happening so we decided to go smoke up. My sister was home so we had to go out in this little forest. When we arrive (about half an our later) we still don't feel anything. We're just like "What the heck? Nothing's happening".
Me and F both agreed that we thought we had been cheated.
Anyway so I take out my pipe and F puts in about a good Dime. He started it. He took a long pull and it looked like it was a good one, he then passed the pipe to me. I took a long pull. I also held it in for about a minute. Anyways so there we are just standing around smoking for a few minutes just randomly talking. At about my 5ft pull I started feeling something.
I felt happy.
About 2 Ds later DAMN! (it didnt burn our throaghts at all) I knew I was pretty fucked. Not only was I happy I was starting to get some small visuals.
Anyways then we start to walk back to my house. It was pretty good. I was happy and I was having mild visuals. Like every now and then I would think I saw things move.
We got back to my house and whent straight to my room. As I closed the door I knew I was getting pretty damn fucked. Things were really starting to move. We put in a movie (finding Nemo) and started watching. Let me tell you it was nuts. The walls were waving. I seriously thought Nemo was a bird who was talking to me for some reason. After a while F needed to piss so I pressed pause. I put my head back and looked at the cieling. It was nuts. There was movement and all this other trippy stuff going on. I have alot of posters in my room and I was checking all those out. Like I thought the people in the posters were like winking at me and stuff. I have this one poster with A picture of a guy cathing a football and it was moving. I could hear John Madden's voice giving out the comentary.
When F came back we watched the movie some more. Things were moving and everything felt so amazing.

Well. That was hard. We still have about 2 grams of shrooms left, and were not gonna waste them. Bye!

Ociphy is the Key and it's the BigE who knows the Key and helps us with the Ociphy!

(inside joke)

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