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Level 5. Left Earth.

8th of shrooms, and changed my life.

Last night i did an 8th of shrooms, i have done shrooms before, but i have never experienced this before in my life. I ate the shrooms raw with nothing but a blended drink from Black Rock. Eating this, started out with me, my buddy, who also took an 8th, and two girls that were just drinking. I don't know how this happened, but i started tripping within 20 minutes. Everything was moving sideways and i couldn't remember what i was doing. i kept moving and going to the couch to the table and back and forth. A lot more people were supposed to show up, which was probably not the best idea now that i think of it . People started showing up and it was getting more and more intense. Sitting on the couch i was listening to a song by Post Malone, called "Up There" and thats what started/ intensified my trip. i started tripping hard. So what next? i had to go pee. I went in to the bathroom, i was going pee, the toilet was spinning but i still managed to get it all in there. I was washing my hands and i looked up at myself for a split second and thats when it happened, i left earth. I was looking at myself in the mirror and then in the corner of the bathroom i saw a portal and i just heard strange deep voices and then i fell. My Body was on earth but i was somewhere i have never even seen before, or even heard of. I've told my friends about this and they have never heard of it. the best way i could describe it is that i ended up on a mountain sitting on the grass and i saw 3 Black Figures that looked somewhat human, but not all human, they had no faces, they had no hands, and no feet. it was just black figures. but they could talk. They weren't speaking english. They were speaking some other language that doesn't exist on earth, but for some reason i understood fully what they were talking about. They were talking to each other about what to do with me. they weren't sure if they should take me with them, to wherever they were going, or to let me live back on earth. As they were talking, i was sitting in the grass watching them, scared for my life. and they all three got closer to me, looked at me with no face, but i could feel that they were looking at me, they all raised there right arm. and i woke up in bed. panting. My roommate/ best friend was sitting right next to me telling me I'm going to live and that everything is going to be alright. My dog, She's a Great Dane/ Great Pyrenees, was protecting me in my room from everyone, she wouldn't let anyone but my best friend get near me. She knew something was wrong. For the rest of the night when i returned i couldn't go in the bathroom alone and had to have someone with me in there. Today that bathroom feels way more intense than it has ever been, the lights twitching and the bathroom just seems and feels darker, like you could tell something horrible happened in there. Someone please help me understand what happened last night. and where i went. and who i talked to?

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