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4.5g tea experience


So last summer i was growing some P. Cubes B+ and one jar was fruiting before it was fully colonized. I decided to let them grow in vito for that jar because the other 2 jars weren't done colonizing either. Eventually the jar was full of smashed mushrooms so i took the cake out, took all the mushrooms off, and washed the uncolonized portion of the cake off (and it did fruit 2 more flushes). I weighed them out on a scale which wasn't the best scale (i still have it) and it weighed out at 4 grams but the problem with this scale was it didn't show decimal places for grams so it was somewhere in between 4-5 grams. 

My friend (we'll call him Mark) wanted to chill that day and i was home alone so i gladly invited him over and told him i was going to make us a "special tea drink". He had an idea of what i was planning and i asked him if he could bring a lemon or lime with him because i didn't have any so he did. so when he got to my house he dropped off his backpack in my room and i pulled out the bag with around 4.5 grams of mushrooms in it and told him "this is the special ingredient for the tea" and he was all for it and decided to spend the night and go home the next day. Mark had never tripped on mushrooms and at this time i believe the highest I've ever done is 2.8g dried of them. 

I put the mushrooms into a cup and cut them into real small pieces with a pair of scissors and started a tea brew and when it got to a boil i put the stove on low and threw in the mushrooms with the tea bag and stirred every so often. After about 10-15 minutes or so i emptied the tea into 2 yeti cups (one for each of us) and then i squeezed the lime in each cup showing Mark that, that was what the lime was for because he wasn't sure when i asked him for one. 

Now that all the background info is covered we can get into the start of the trip. We were both drinking up and it had a real earthy taste and i told him he may get nausea. I myself am not the best with it and just thinking about the taste of the tea and what i said to Mark about it made me purge one big gulp i drank (was probably the 2nd or 3rd gulp i took) me and Mark agreed that i was just thinking too hard about it and i didn't throw up anymore of the tea drink and Mark poured a little of his in my cup to make up for it. 

Not too long after we both finished the cups i decided that Mark should help me do the little bit of dishes that were caused from making the tea so we went to the sink and washed the cups and pot we brewed the tea in and it was maybe 15-20 minutes after we ingested the drink that Mark got the first signs he was starting. He could hear the sponge in the sink from in my living room and he was pretty amazed by how it sounded. I put my ear up to the sponge and heard what he was talking about, like the way the soap and water was absorbing in the sponge. He was pretty amazed by how heightened his hearing was (he was amazed with the whole experience as was i but again he had no prior experience though i had).

After that we decided to shift to my room because it was a smaller more comfortable area. We spent time playing video games and browsing the web then Mark decided to lay down in my bed. He started seeing patterns on my wall (i wouldn't necessarily know because we were both on our own trip and Mark ended up tripping a bit harder than me. He claims he was at a level 3 while i felt more level 2 with some factors feeling like a level 3). He also saw a pattern on my shirt and he asked if i saw what he saw on the roof. The roof was definitely moving in my experience but i didn't quite see the visions my friend was seeing. 

We got pretty deep into talking about what we saw on the wall and what was going on and we started discussing music and how we both love music but completely different genres but we were still able to connect through it. We took turns showing each other songs we enjoyed and we were both amazed at each others music and how it sounded. The most significant song i remember listening to was a song from tool. We watched the music video and it had some trippy imagery as tool videos tend to go. We were talking about how people have seen what we have seen in our trip and how people get serious ideas from this stuff. 

I decided to try and play some call of duty 4 and mark said "i don't think you should be playing right now" and i responded with "i bet you $20 i can wreck these noobs" and good thing the bet wasn't made because within about 5 minutes in the midst of me trying to play and wreck the enemy team, i don't know what i did but i managed to delete my whole cod4 profile from my pc. Of course i didn't know until i came down but we had a good laugh at that. 

Last thing i remember we ordered a pizza and i didn't necessarily know what i was doing i was just adding toppings to the pizza on the app and i still don't really know what i ordered but i remember when the pizza came it was the best pizza we ever had. We were blown away by how good the pizza was. After that i don't necessarily remember and I'm sure I'm missing pieces from the experience but i can only recollect so much lol. 

I just remembered i passed out in my bed and mark did on my couch and the next day mark was tired and drained as was i. Overall a very positive experience for both of us and we both wish to try the 5 dried grams in silent darkness but we don't think we are ready for it quite yet. Thanks for giving this report a read. 

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