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Competent Dextromancer

The makings of a competent dextromancer

I discovered dxm at a young age but my brazen attitude about drugs did not kick in until I was 17 years old, just discovered that there were "plateaus"

I heard tale on a popular forumn of plateau sigma. Essentially an out of body experience for 6 hours. I was excited and ready.

At any dollar store its 1$ for 240mgs of dxm so I bought 4$ For a total of 960 mg. I took 60 the day before to slightly bump up my tolerance.

900mg is a lot. I would compare dxm potency to mdma. I took the plunge at 2:00 pm on my weekend. I met my buddy who had taken dph and we walked to the forest where we would feel comfortable tripping. I smoked a fat joint to prevent premature vomiting. The poison would remain within.

I was a competent dextromancer. Within 1 hour the gelcaps had dissolved and I began to come up at mach speed.

T 1:15 - I noticed that my vision was moving around 20 frames per second. The trees were warping and dancing. My buddy was sitting on a bench about a mile into the trail, he kept forgetting words as he said them. He nodded heartily and I had to wake him up. He screamed when I laid hand on him.

T 1:45 - my vision was overwhelmed with insane tracers and I sat on the bench my bud was tweaking out on now. He kept brushing shit off him and he said something about puking. That did me in and I vomited about a litre of pink vomit. I felt instantly better and managed to pull out a joint and spark it. Me and my buddy split it and about half way through my vision cut out entirely and I ceased to have any sensory input.

I saw a shadowy realm, dark twisted structures something out of lovecraft. Empty halls that twisted into infinity. I felt a sense of extreme confusion because in this realm my being was but ether. Twisting and drifting. The visuals were remarkaby detailed and intricate, but not fluid. They came in intervals of about 2 or 3 frames per (approximate) second.

T 2:30 - my vision started up again and I was madly confused as I had forgotten we had done drugs. My friend was trying to wake me up but he was tripping probably harder than me. When I "came to" he was on the ground and had wet himself. I woke him up and we made the journey through this foggy coastal redwood forest to the creek. I needed a bath. I carried him on my back for what seemed like years, my vision was no longer flanging, but instead now everything in my vision that moved was blurred like out of a car on the highway.

T 3:30 - I drank my gatorade when we got to the edge of the mossy creek. There was a layer of fog flowing slowly over the creek. I took off my clothes and sat in the water. It was a strange sensation. Sublime. I moved to the small (barely taller than me) waterfall and sat bowlegged. I close my eyes and contemplated while my buddy convulsed on the beach. I was at peace. The water flowed gently over my head and the crawdads and whirlygigs in the water nipped at my parts. I found myself in an ancient forest, large silhouettes came to me, my chest sliced open and my limbs removed. They gave me gifts. Many were the gifts. Many were the warnings that came with them. They gave me a heart, cast in zinc covered in strange symbols. They told me in a different language something that I clearly understood the cadences of. They said to be wary of dark forces gathering to unwind the natural order of things

I opened my eyes to find all sorts of creatures were nipping at me in the water and my buddy had managed to sit himself upright on a nearby tree trunk.

I slowly grabbed at a crawfish and caught it with ease. I brought him to my face and studied him carefully. He was beautiful. Covered in intricate spots and with a cracked leg. I put him back in the water and he jetted away into the murky reaches of the creek

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