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2c-p infinite machinescape

I got a 50mg pouch from a vendor after it was banned, as a sample I guess, maybe he just wanted to get rid of it. I cut it into 2 lines and I took a small allergy test of about 5mg (insufflated). This gave me a feeling sort of like 2c-b, sort of like mescaline. A heavy intense body load. I decided I wanted to take it a bit further and I ended up doing ~12.5mg half a line.

Almost the instant I put down the straw my vision completely cut out and I panicked for a few seconds. I realized I was pondering something and as I pondered on my couch eyes dilated to the goddamn heavens I'm sure. The thought processes in my brain, in a sort of 3d model that had direct connection to my sensory input, were shown. I took a trip through my neural circuitry examining each and every path. I saw strange symbols written on each neuron as a map connecting every part of my consciousness. I was listening to this song: https://nirvanaport.bandcamp.com/track/prelude-to-transcendence. It was so beautiful as to make me shed tears, which I felt as cold rain washing over my soul.

After about an hour I got bored of this and my train of thought cut out entirely, a psychedelic blackout accompanied with ego-death. The next track kicked in on my trip playlist, it was
tool of course.


I snapped into a reality of shifting mechanical gears, pullies, timing belts, counterweights, all kinds of mechanical devices working in perfect tandem. If I could draw it id be a millionaire. As the song got more intense, my thoughts became more solipsist in nature. I believed genuinely that all that is and ever was is this universe of constantly shifting, three dimensional constantly shifting mechanical gears. I realized something, I am the universe (not really) and these gears are simply another way of looking at the the previous neural map. I tried to decode how these machinations translate into my perception, and it lead me to discover a universe so insane and horrifying that to even contemplate it as truth drove me to the brink of insanity. I awoke from this state tripping but lacking visuals except for breathing, warping, and randomly pinwheels of my vision would twist into black holes. I felt for days afterwards that this sober life, and everything within, is but a thin veil over a universe so alien and horrifying that to conceive of it literally made fight or flight channel hormones kick in.

I want more.

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