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mdma and 1pls

inviting Mandy into my head

I have had many psychedelic experiences and a lot of 1p experiences before. usually dropping tabs of 100ug. never had issue with it
the last time I tripped before this was about 5 weeks before where I had some 1p and liberty caps (very nice time except for social anxiety)

2 nights ago I went camping with 3 friends I feel comfortable around, I had 1 tab of 1p lsd and they where gonna drink and smoke weed. I don't drink alcohol or smoke weed because of bad experiences in the past that left me a bit disturbed. my mate Steve wanted to split the tab with me, he also brought out some mdma or (mandy) as he called it. I sniffed a tiny amount (about half a line) and half an hour later when I was more chatty too half a tab, then and hour or so into it took another small amount of the mama. I was enjoying chatting and sitting by the fire. seeing the odd visual pattern hearing the river get louder to m at random times, this went on for a few hours, nothing too strong.

one of our friends fell asleep and 3 of us continued chatting, one told us he had took an Exacts and was enjoying it. I usually don't take drugs such as mdma or exacts for health concerns so this was a one of type experience.I got thinking about taking ayauascha during my trip that I may be the only way to heal my anxiety of spiritual and psychological problems. I went to my hammock to sleep I was still tripping a bit, I got closed eyed visuals, the usual lsd they where faint but still able to make them out. it was uncomfortable as I just wanted to sleep. then the visuals appeared sexualised, like cartoons. like they where provocative and trying to seduce me. it felt as if I had invited this mandy into my mind and now her true personality was showing through. the images became more and more sexual, cartoon women showing of there long legs hips and bums, posing in sexy ways and rotating patterns of someone fingering themselves. first I seen four fingers, two which led into her vagina and then it rotated to her ass hole, and this kept repeating.

I picked up on the fast I had some other consciousness in my head, twisting my perception. mandy was someone I didn't feel comfortable with, I guess her personality didn't match mine because I asked her to stop invading my trip but she turned nasty to me. she showed me more "evil" patters, spider, snakes, aliens, demons, old ghost pictures, and a piece of art my friend had shared of 4 legs attached together. I felt she was trying to get an emotional reaction out of me my showing me all this stuff, but luckily most where faint enough to try and ignore. some did stick in my head and disturb me a bit. (fair play mandy). I used the word ayauascha to focus on to keep me grounded, I seen beautiful Alex gray style art appear, many heads, many eye. but she continued to bring the trip back to unfriendly visuals. I couldn't stick it I went back o my friends to sit with them till the trip wore of.

I told them what was going on, they where a bit confused because they had different experience. I was so grateful to be near friends though. they distracted me a lot from her, her power wasn't too strong by this stage. the branches of the trees had stopped producing beautiful round patterns and now made harsh sharp spider shaped patterns. they created faint images of aliens and demons looking at me , this happened for a few more hours. my friends fell asleep and I did m best to not play into the trip, avoiding staring at the one spot for too long till it wore of.

changes it has made to me now:
I believe that plants do have a consciousness. I hear that mdma is made of the sap of a tree which helps me believe that.
I guess some consciousness are helpful and others are not.
my personality and mandys clash a bit. I understand her horny twisted ways now
Ill now look into plant consciousness more to find out more about different plant "personalities"
I know ayauascha has a well documented one.

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