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Seeing absolute truth

What happens when you take 3 hits of Acid and read the book of Genesis

I'm not usually one to post personal trips but I feel compled to see what other people think.

Ok so why I decided to go on this trip relates a Lot to my last trip. So might as well start there

I've been on many a trip in my days. I've taken shrooms, Acid, MDMA, and DMT (am convinced DMT it's evil now) and fortunately All my trips have been fantastic anytime I felt a bad trip coming on I've pulled myself out of it usually it was a result of me thinking my friends are fucking with me or something.

Anyway, so I'm up at school and drop 2 tabs around 5. It takes about an hour for me to feel the come up. I'm chilling with my one buddy who is not tripping with me but doing physics homework and it was dope. We had awsome conversations about the connections between quantum mechanics and classical physics. Talked a Lot about probability and the multiple universe interpretation as I was rising on my peek. Then my other buddy decides to come in and play doom of all games.

I really wasn't feeling the vibe so I walked back to my apartment in my peek. The walk was great looking at the fractleized shadows and it started snowing a little. Very pretty first time I've ever tripped while it was snowing so that was dope. I smacked my one hitter a few times on the way back but was already basically a baked potato. 

So I get back in my room and immediately noticed my hallway smelled like pepe Le pew walked through. I immediately get paranoid (bad mistaked) and spray my room down with febreeze and put on Dragon ball Z. That's when shit went bad!

I have a poster of the joker in my wall really trippy looking ,but it never seemed menacing to me. When I looked into his eyes I saw pure hatered and felt fear that was deeper than I ever felt in my life. Everything took on a hue of a disgusting neon green, dull pink, and red. In my ceiling demons started crawling down the walls. And not just like move they wear like really fucking moving it was unlike anything I've ever seen! The warped skills and eyes where watching me and I could feel hate and evil from them as they crawled down my walls and on the floors.

Up until this point in my life I would define myself religiously as a spiritualist. My previous trip I went on the whole ego trip where I thought I was god and everyone was a bump in a sea of consciousness and everyone was connected. I practiced karma and chanted mantras every day. But my parents raised me Catholic. I havnt been to church since I was like 13 so it's been a while. I knew every prayer though and have been baptised and went through conformation. 

So I try to meditate like I always do when I feel a bad trip coming along but nothing works. I'm scared shitless and it was only 3 hours into my Trip so I had a ways to go. I start hearing voices telling me to kill myself and shit. Ive never heard voices besides when I took DMT but those where giant alien light balls of fuzz and they SEEMED nice at the time. I got the impression voices wanted me dead. 

The demons started crawling and gliding around more excitedly as the voices told me I'm not worthy of love. And asking me to submit to them and give myself to them. I got desperate and did the only thing I could I tried to pray. The Our father prayer in my mind. But I couldn't remember it even though I have said it a hundreds of times over. So I broke my big rule and took out my phone. I googled it but I could not read it in my mind still! I could read everything else but the words wouldn't come together like my mind wouldn't let me!

The voices started mocking me saying god has no power. He doesn't love you. You are not worthy of his love. You will die tonight. Kill yourself...etc you get the point. They where being complete dicks.

So about an hour God bye. I would finally be able to say the first line. Get to the second spend 10min in the second then forget the first and so on. When I finally was able to say it all in my mind I felt relieved then I tried to speak it...no words came out only squeaks and broken vowles. My mouth wouldn't let me speak.

Pure despear and fear washed over me the walls started bending in toward me more and my rug started heavily breathing. The voices where telling me they owned me and that no one will save me. My mouth started to work again. At this point I started screaming. Jesus save me! Over and over again.

This is when  a euphoric wave rushed over me. Was way better than a morphine drop you get in the hospital. It brought me to tears. At that moment I said the prayer fast as all hell over and over again. And I heard the voice go FUCK DAMN IT NO FUCK YOU! Then my Trip ended. Only about 4ish hours in it just stopped. And I could have sworn I saw a light blue bubble around me before everything turned normal again.

Now into my last trip that changed my life. This trip I felt I needed answers. I needed to see if it was just my mind or something else that caused all that. So next Saturday I get 3.5 tabs say a prayer before hand and drop them. I felt great best mood ever. I made sure to orgasm 20min after I dropped so I was feeling pretty great. As I started coming up on my peek I took out the bible.

Now I urge you don't do this if your not baptised! Spiritual warfare is a thing! The church of satan is real santaria is real voodoo is real. You can open spirits up to attack you and posses you that's what I concluded after this trip. And is my explanation for why I couldn't pray I'm my previous trip. I was possesed!

So I look in the mirror and my eyes are huge and I'm seeing trailes and warps like normal so I decided to put on some Vevaldi and take out my bible. I open and start reading Genius ch1 v1. It's really hard for me to read the words start turning side ways and start falling off the page and even change don't and color every time this would happen I would ask God to help me focus. It worked the letters would snap back into place. Around me the same bad trip visuals I got last time started happening. Demons on my ceiling etc... No voices...yet. I get through creation and get to the story of Adam and Eve

Here is where shit starts to get creepy. When I got to the part about the serpent I hear a deep deep sinister snickering in my mind that turns into a laughter. SCARED THE FUCK OUT OF ME! But it was different than last time. It was almost like the voice was listening to the story with me. And it got really posses when God cursed the serpent and cast it out of Eden. The same FUCK YOU FUCK DAMN curses shouted I'm my mind like in my last trip when I prayed.

 M.S: (I immediately said a prayer after every time the voice would say something and it would go away and curse at me for praying)

Here is where shit gets fucked! I get to the part with cane and Abel. And I look around and the demons are gone but everything in my room now has the names cane and Abel on it in really jagged writing. It glowed here and there too. At this point I feel a strong force in me guiding me not to focus on them but to keep reading. Every time cane was mentioned the voice would laugh and say shit. I don't remember what specifically because I would pray it away immediately. Every time I did that wave if pure love washed over me again. I love that feeling even though it scared me it always brought tears to my eyes. I want to skip to like the book of mathew it anything with Jesus because I know I'll feel true love as I read but something again inside of me which I can only assume was the holy spirit wanted me to start from the beginning. So I did.

I get to the parts where it's a bunch of decendents of Abraham and it's hard to read some of the ultra Jewish names and I want to skip them. But, I told myself it's there for a reason so I play the voice recording of the bible I pre downloaded before my trip as I read and read along with it. Then the names of Isac, Sarah, Juda, Joseph etc... Spread across everything even my own skin!

I focus on them for about 30 min or so and it was different than the cane and Abel it looked like calligraphy almost ultra fancy. And the more the more I focus I see other words like actual sentences almost but it was very hard to read the ultra fancy writing. So I say a prayer all this scripture on everything turns gold and red almost after I said it and I go back to reading. I hear the devils voice again at the mention of Sodom and gahmora like "they where great" almost. Lot of laughing. I send the voice away again. Then more the same I finnished the book of Genesis and exodus by the time my Trip ended. I couldn't sleep for about a day after even if I wanted to. I still 2 days after see Jewish names appear in things if I focus on them which freaks me out. In a good way. I go to church for the first time in years the next day. And that place was covered in Jewish names I don't even have to focus to see them. Cane and Abel almost never show up now to which I weird. And Adam and eve never show up either.

So I told a priest about my experience and I looked at me with pure wonder and almost a scared shitless look. He told me that the reason I saw bible scripture in everything is because I've seen the true form of our reality. He said that in the story of creation God made the universe and earth through his word. So it would make sense that when I read that in combination with a change of perception that I would see everything covered in the word of god. I do made perfect sense to me.

If there is anyone who has had a similar experience contact me please. And if your gonna shame me for being a Christian now then I challenge you to do the same thing and read genisus while tripping.


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