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best smoothie ever

we'll this friday after i got outta classs i raced to my room to trip with my roomie.

we'll this friday after i got outta classs i raced to my room to trip with my roomie. We each took 3 grams of closed cap mushies ground them up and put then into our small smoothies. We drank the smoothies withing like 3 mins adn withing 15 minutes our bodies were rolling with waves of energy. About an hour into we wandered around the back und of the hotels parking lot staring at everything we walked by. We bumped into some friends of ours and talked to them for a bit but the trip kept coming on harder and harder so we needed to move
we went back to the room and we looked down the hallway before we got in and the ceiling seemed to be lower and everyrhing was square and moving. The wall paper started to move in waves, Gran turismo 4 looked like well i can't explain. my roomies background on his comp started moving out in ripples and changin in color. We started tripping reall hard after that and started rollin around the floor and both just ramblin about how we each were losing the general concept of reality, i mean we were with it but nothing made sense. It was good though cause the whole time i was playing with boxes in the room smashing crackers and just doin random childish things and ramblin incoherent and repetive sayings. Overall it was the hardest i've tripped outta the few times i have and man can't wait to do it again.

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