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Still Air Boxes, Gloveboxes, and Flowhoods

These are tools we use to get a clean area to work with to aid in avoiding contamination.

First of all, What is the difference between disinfection, sanitation and sterilization?

Disinfection uses antimicrobial agents on non-living objects or surfaces to destroy or inactivate microorganisms.
Disinfectants may not kill all bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores.

Disinfection 101 (PDF link)

Sanitation uses an antimicrobial agent on objects, surfaces or living tissue to reduce the number of disease-causing organisms to non-threatening levels.
Sanitizing does not affect some spores and viruses.

Washing your hands with soap and warm water like a surgeon does is more effective than sanitizing your hands. Sanitizers attempt to kill the organisms. Washing simply removes them, and it removes them so well if done right that it's far more effective than hand sanitizer.

Sterilization is the probability that all bacteria, spores, fungi and viruses are killed or inactivated


sanitation is a 99.9-99.99 reduction (3-4 log reduction)

disinfection is a 99.99-99.999 reduction (4-5 log reduction)

sterilization is not simply a reduction.
It is a 6 log reduction at least 99.9999 once you get to 0 theoretical organisms. so it's not just 6 log reduction it's 6 logs past 0 so you have a SAL of 10-6.
At six logs past 0 there's a 1 in a million chance of a survivor. Sterilization has to be expressed as a probability because of survival odds. It's not an absolute 

Still Air Box(SAB)

Here's some examples of what a Still Air Box is

Bod's Simple as fuck SAB


Stro's SAB

A still air box works on the principle of still air
A SAB does not have to be sanitized, and cannot be sterilized. You cannot sterilize something that's in open air, the air we breath is loaded with contamination.
Air inside the still air box is well, still. particles that encounter still air lose their velocity quickly and tend to fall straight downwards. Thus by cleverly working in a SAB and never moving any non-sterile things over the top of sterile things you can achieve great success.

A still air box is a reasonable tool for a home cultivator. One can easily achieve pounds a week, pour hundreds of plates a month, and do dozens of jar inoculations a week with this simple tool with no reason to upgrade to a Flow Hood.

What's a Glove Box?

A glove box is just like a SAB but it has attached gloves. Attached gloves means you create a "piston effect" when you move around creating more air currents. Since you cannot sterilize a Glove box you will have little to no success trying to attempt working like that. You can sanitize the inside of a Glove box but remember sanitizer does not kill everything and you will still be at risk. A still air box doesn't have to be sanitized to work properly it works on design and physics.

A glove box also inhibits you from being able to flame your tools outside of the box. which is a huge disadvantage as you will need multiple pre-sterilized disposable tools.

Flow Hoods

A flow hood is a tool that uses filtered fan forced air to create a STERILE work space.

Bod's Easy AF Laminar Flow Cabinet

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