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best night of my life...till i had a seizure

I had always wanted to try shrooms since like the 8th grade.

I had always wanted to try shrooms since like the 8th grade. I'm a senior now

and my 1st trip was like a few months ago. Since then I've tripped about 5 or

6 times. I'm about 5'10 155. I smoke a lot of treez so it seemed like shrooms

should be the next step. My 3 bestfriends, Tim, Mike, and Steve had all done

them before and told me all this crazy shit about it so I was very excited. We

tried to get them for months but everyone was either dry or would only sell in

pounds so we were pretty much fucked. A few months go by and this kid calls me

and tells me he's picking up a few ounces of shrooms and selling them in 8ths

so i knew i needed to try them. Tim went away for the night and couldn't come

and Steve got to his house too late so me and mike were the only ones of my

friends who got them. We each got an 8th and were going to save them for that

night cuz my friend Brendan was having a party. I was grounded for gettin

caught with kolonopins by the cops so I was planning on sneaking out at like

midnight and going to Brendan's to trip there. But my parents went out for the

night and Mike came over and said hey let's eat them so obviously I said yes.

The kid who sold them to us told us to only eat half the 8th cuz they were

potent as fuck so we did. About a half hour went by and we still weren't

trippin so Mike went and ate the rest of his and went to Brendan's party. 20

more minutes go by and I still wasn't trippin. I called Mike and he was

trippen his balls off so I wanted to eat the rest of mine. It seemed like as

soon as i swallowed the last cap I started trippin hard. I was home alone my

1st time on shrooms just walking around my basement like an idiot bendin my

body in wierd ways. I dont know why I was doin it but i was having a blast. I

sat down on my couch and just started rubbin my face cuz it felt incredible. I

couldn't make up my mind tho and my thoughts kept wandering. It took about 10

minutes to come to simple decisions like going upstairs. I decided to take a

shower and walked into my bathroom and when I looked at myself in the mirror,

my body was all swirly and bending in all these crazy positions. I finally get

in the shower and it felt ridiculous. I started to wash my hair and I look up

and I was legit 2 feet tall. I couldnt even reach the handle to turn the

shower off. I finally get out and look around my bathroom but it wasnt my

bathroom. I had no idea where I was and I was like what the fuck? So i ran

into my room to get changed and then my room started to shrink and i started

to grow like 10 feet tall, it seemed like I was hittin my head off the

celling. I finally went downstairs and then my whole family came home and for

some reason decided to have a conversation with me. I was in my basement and

the room was shrinking and growing and I was just closing my eyes "yesing" my

parents to death till they went away. A little while passed of me just closing

my eyes and looking into a completely different reality when Steve called me

and told me to go to Brendan's with him. I snuck out of my house and went to

go find Steve but the streets looked completely different than they do. They

were like 100 yard wider and longer and every tree looked like it was going to

grab me. I couldn't find Steve and I forgot my fone so i just went to

Brendan's. When I got there Mike was talking to a multi-colored rug and

everyone else was shitfaced. Steve finally showed up and it seemed like my

trip was coming to an end. He had a bowl of dro and asked me if I wanted to

blaze cuz it might kick the trip back in. I went and smoked downstairs and

came back up dying of thirst. Steve told me orange juice helps a trip kick

back in.I drank like 2 sips and then just started staring at the glass. The

next thing I knew i woke up on the floor choking and covered in orange juice.

Everyone there is in awe and just like what the fuck? I was like out of breath

and mad scared and confused and didn't know what happened. Apparently I took 2

sips then zoned out for like 30 seconds while they were trying to get my

attention. Then I guess I collapsed on the counter and started choking on my

own tounge and had a seizure right in his kitchen. I started buggin out and

was convinced I was going to die. No one knew what to do and they would not

listen to what I was saying. I started sweating like uncontrollably

everywhere. I sat down on the couch and started to pray because I thought I

was dying. All of a sudden I go deaf and my vision is very blurry. I was

screaming, "Guys I'm fucking deaf help me!" and they were just like relax its

the shrooms. Steve sat down tapped me on the back and the second his hand

touched my back i stopped sweating, I could hear and see again, and my trip

was over. It was ridiculous and minus the last part a very fun time. The trip

lasted about 5 hours in total and was a very fun experience.

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