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First time LSD + thinking about shrooms. Different?

The pub, outside, club

Hello everyone! A friend of mine has experienced some stimulating drugs, however he has always had a huge respect to psychedelics. On the other side he is very interested in them. A couple weeks ago, he decided to try LSD for the first time. There were an access to blotter which some of his friends already experienced and considered as a really good acid. They were taking 1/2 each and according to what they said, it was better than even sometimes taking two different hits. So he decided for his first trip, also trying 1/2. He was pretty insecure and been contemplating about taking it whole day, because he planned going to the pub with his friends for a while, take it and later going to the club.

A day after he tried to describe his LSD trip to me. At the very beginning, when acid began to kick in, he felt kinda nauseous and confused. He mentioned that he prefered going out of the pub and sit on the bench for a while. Meanwhile that, he felt a huge energy around him and really being connected with the neighbourhood. In first hour, he was still moving; inside the pub, then for a while outside for a cig, then inside and so on. Two hours later, they decided to go to the club. When they got out of the bus, they walked through the city. This he described as really amazing, like being in the wonderland. Everything seemed new and unexplored. There was like ten people with him, mostly friends, but some of them he even did no know. He told me that sometimes he felt like in a theatre in a observing role. The interesting thing was mentioning his view; it seemed to him like 4D sometimes, he'd totally forget the perception of time. The city was breathing, the billboards, just everything. When they came to the club, a friend seemed like not knowing what to do. He had troubles taking his jacket off, ordering drink, etc. however he was still enjoying and exploring the club. There are couple rooms in the club, but he mentioned that every single room seemed like a unique one. He did not feel like it was all connected in one club. He was laughing sometimes at weird things, his text on the phone seemed to be much more bold and wavy. After four or five hours, he was in the situation when he could totally handle the trip and that was the time when began to enjoy the most of it. He told me that while dancing, he felt like a super humanbeing, knowing everything - exactly knowing why the lady dances the way she dances, what drugs did other guys take, etc. After leaving the club (it was like 7-8 hours of the trip), he walked through the city and still felt the uniqueness of the acid. He almost did not sleep the whole night, but even that, he felt amazing in the morning.

So this would be shortly his approximate trip and I got some questions about it. Now, he is thinking about trying mushrooms which he considers as harder to control (according to what he was told and read), neverthless how would you compare shrooms to acid? What should (shouldnt) he do? What to be aware of? What are the main differences in perception and thinking while being high? Btw. He was pretty scared about having bad trip on LSD, however he told me that while being high, his thoughts even could not go in a way to cause bad trip. And how would you 'rate' his trip according what I wrote? Was it approximately enough for the first timer? Weak or usual? Thanks!

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